Author Topic: New Team Tea Time (and clever Lager pun) [LGGR][closed]  (Read 245 times)


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New Team Tea Time (and clever Lager pun) [LGGR][closed]
« on: November 13, 2018, 02:30:20 AM »
Seeing as she was the leader, Leona felt it was right that she was the first one in the dorm. She placed her travel bag and trunk at the end of the bed closest to the center of the room, then started to decorate.  She felt like she was there for an awfully long time waiting for someone to show up. She would have already finished by the time someone showed up. Taking the initiative as the leader she had replaced the curtains with pink frilly ones, placed a flowery welcome mat in the entrance way, she had set up a little table and china tea set in the middle of the dorm room. She sat at the little table, facing the door sipping her tea that was going cold.

“Welcome to Team Lager, I’m Leona Koningsblauw.” She cheerfully greeted whoever came in first.

“I hope you like black tea. I have cream, sugar, and honey. Oh and cookies.” She gestures to the plate of burnt cookies that are expertly iced to cover the fact that they are burnt.
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Re: New Team Tea Time (and clever Lager pun) [LGGR][closed]
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2018, 11:31:04 AM »
A dull thump rang out somewhere within the dorm building further away from the Lager dorm than it should reasonably be as a frustrated Gray pounded his fist against a wall.
"Dammit, where the hell it it?"
Gray knew his navigation skills sat somewhere between crap and non-existent and had begun his path to find his dorm early to compensate.
It wasn't serving him well though as he had spent the past hour in the wrong building and had experienced an awkward encounter of walking into another teams room whom it
seemed were having issues getting along. Hope I get along better with my teammates then they did. Those guys looked about ready to kill each other."
Now in. hopefully the right building Gray once again began the search for his dorm.
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Re: New Team Tea Time (and clever Lager pun) [LGGR][closed]
« Reply #2 on: November 24, 2018, 05:11:45 AM »
Alright. New team - again - at this point Graham didn't even know what to think about being swapped around like a deck of cards being shuffled by a professional. The “new team” thing had definitely worn off by now, and all he wanted now was to get a team that didn’t fall apart at the seams within a week or so. As he slowly wandered in the general direction of his room, both eyes focused on the map that his scroll was projecting, his right hand kept straying back to the handle of his tachi. It was the only thing that could be relied on to remain constant, he’d found after a while in Beacon. Never fleeting like all the fragile bonds of being in an uncertain team, it was a unwavering rock he could lean on. Sometimes Graham felt it was the anchor preventing him from drifting off into insanity.

His thoughts were cut short by him almost planting his face into a door plaque. The newly furnished metal plate read “LGGR”, and he could still smell the varnish on the metalwork. Was it Logger or Lager or Lagger, Graham didn’t even remember. Heaving a sigh, he placed one hand on the door handle. Good first impressions, remember, he reminded himself, then twisted the knob and stepped in. ”Ah. Sorry, I must have gotten the wrong room.” Graham said, stepped back outside and closed the door. Wait… He double-checked his scroll to make sure the damn thing hadn’t decided to play a prank on him.

”You’ve got to be fucking kidding me…”
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