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Re: ABoat time [Open]
« Reply #15 on: December 13, 2018, 06:35:35 AM »
’Did you? I’m sorry Kisha, must have slipped my mind. It won’t happen again.’ Calen frowned, he genuinely had forgotten their previous discussion. Not exactly an encouraging signal but Calen was never one to pay much attention to warning signs. Slumping down on a relatively dry bit of the deck the gaunt boy sort to get a little more rest and closed his eyes. Their boat was reasonably clear of obstacles so it could drift harmlessly for a short while and Calen was keep to take as much advantage as he could from that. ’Perhaps I just take a different approach to ‘you only live once’ but how about after we both complete our schooling we see which one of our approach worked out best.’ Calen responded still not opening his eyes, at least partially as a joke. He would have been interested in continuing this discussion but it was rather clear the Kisha didn’t feel the same. Finding out Kisha’s semblance would have to do and hopeful Calen may be able to trick his first mate into thinking he didn’t see the portals.

’I’ll try not to read too much into that Kisha, my favourite colour is green actually not grey. I somewhat understand the confusion, I don’t wear much green while wearing almost entirely black and white but that is just to always look my best. I suppose you have a similar decision wearing more brown than black, although I suppose the latter fits more with your team’s colour.’ Calen remarked smiling slightly beneath his closed eyes. Calen held a lot of importance in seemingly meaningless pieces of information like favour colour or meals as he thought he could use it to find out a lot about a person. In reality what each colour ‘means’ is so wide that you could easily twist anything to fit but Calen found it a relatively interesting thought experiment nevertheless.

’I always like the tales of the Fae, creatures of phenomenal beauty, grace and cunning so the similarities with myself are obvious. Horribly monstrous through and through but they had their own rules and societies which develop aside our own.’ Calen answered smiling even wider at his not-so-humble brag. ’What about you? Can’t go wrong with the classics I guess; dragons, sphinxes, and the like?’ Calen offered as he leant his head back finding something to support himself before he tumbled over. It was rather relaxing, reasonably dark all around with the steady lapping of waves on the hull was very soothing and lulled Calen into a conscious but mostly asleep state.

’I suppose it is a rather uninspired way of getting to know each other. Would you like to try something a little different, feel free to lie if you don’t feel like sharing of course. We could tell stories or play a game of two lies and a truth.’ Calen offered, his voice finally regaining some enthusiasm although his eyes remained shut. It had been a long day and all Calen had wanted was to catch some fish.
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