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Re: Big Game Hunting [Closed]
« Reply #15 on: October 19, 2018, 09:00:43 PM »
“Let’s see…” Jima ponders, fiddling with the motor on her sword. “One, about the staff knowing this is here - I wouldn’t know personally, but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone like Professor Sophos knew. Two, keeping the location of this place a secret I’ll leave up to you. If you bring more people out this way though, just be prepared for a fight and like, don’t litter. Or destroy the ruins too much. Three - c’mon, aren’t you all in the first year Grimm Studies class? Think about it. Large arena, crumbling ruins. Plenty of hideyholes, and we literally just planted ourselves in the middle of it all. Perfect environment forrr…”

Almost perfectly timed, a deep growl permeates the arena, the echo making it difficult to pinpoint. Jima grins to herself at the sound, yanking the pullchain on the side of her new sword, and the chainsaw roars to life in response - only to cough and sputter, before blowing smoke in Jima’s face. She yanks the chain a couple more times to see if it’d come back to life, only to for the lights of the motor to die out as it becomes entirely unresponsive. ”Okay, you guys can handle the first wave yourself! Good luck!”

As Jima starts to drag her weapon off to the side of the arena, a particularly brave Creeper charges headlong out of the nearest arena entry towards the group. Several more of the same Grimm follow it out of the gate, fanning out - not charging headlong like their compatriot, just quickly stalking towards the group.

  • Creeper x 5

Battle Log:
  • Headlong Charge (10%, Group Attack)
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Re: Big Game Hunting [Closed]
« Reply #16 on: October 20, 2018, 02:54:26 AM »
Smokey watched as Kisha bounced around the ruin with all the excited glee of a kid in a candy store.  It’s mildly irritating how she can still have so much energy and enthusiasm while he’s sucking wind.  Maybe he should offload some of this ammo onto her, and at least give his back a bit of a break. 

Smokey shoves his petty thoughts aside for the moment, though.  While he’s had relatively little interaction with her, he’s aware of two distinct qualities Jima possesses.  Number one, she knows a lot about Grimm.  Number two, she’s stared down a point-blank 7-round volley from Matchstick without even flinching (and Smokey’s still not sure if he should applaud that).  The point is, if Jima says there’s a bunch of big, nasty beasties in this dilapidated colosseum with a big smile on her face, then there’s a bunch of big, nasty beasties in this dilapidated colosseum.

So, when the Grimm start to make their presence known, Smokey’s hand falls to the massive revolver strapped to his waist, as his eyes scan for the source.  That is, until Jima’s weapon starts coughing up smoke.  As she leaves the first years to fight the coming onslaught on their own, Smokey spares a quick, annoyed look in her direction.  Poor weapon maintenance is inexcusable, experimental or not. 

When the first Grimm finally emerges, Smokey’s first action is to completely ignore it.  It’s a Creeper, not exactly a major threat.  If he were on his own, or employed as an escort, he’d immediately move to take care of it.  However, there are four combat capable compatriots accompanying him, and they should be more than able to—actually now that he thinks about it, he has no idea how his current comrades combat the Creatures of Grimm.  And that gives him an idea…

”So, uh, how ‘bout this?” the gunslinger says nonchalantly, as he turns his back to the charging monster and walks away, confident that one of the other three will take it out before it reaches the group.  ”You three versus me, see how many points we can rack up.  Those critters are worth one each, and everything else we’ll decide on the fly.  I’ll even give y’all a five point head start,” he says with a smirk, gesturing to the approaching beasts.  He seems very confident that he could easily make up the deficit.

Though, sportsmanship isn’t the only reason Smokey’s not joining in the fight yet.  Shooting individual Creepers with Matchstick would be a terrible waste of ammo, and using a semblance charge this early could leave him vulnerable if one of the bigger denizens appeared at an inopportune time.  In fact, Smokey may actually be an unwitting genius.  If the others agree to the competition, they’ll be less likely to rely on Smokey’s raw power and more likely to step up during Immovable Object’s cool down period.  But Smokey didn’t think that far ahead, he’s just trying to spice things up while waiting for a proper target. 

At the very least, he can take this moment to work out some of the kinks in his muscles from that long walk. 

Smokey's Combat Log
Aura: 100% (Assuming charging Grimm is taken out before it hits him)
Matchstick: 7/7
Semblance:  Inactive.  20/20 remaining
Dust: 14/14 Fire, 14/14 Ice

Action:  Stretching, loosening up.  Being that guy, honestly
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Re: Big Game Hunting [Closed]
« Reply #17 on: Today at 11:13:35 AM »
Kisha nodded steadily as Jima answered her questions successively, followed by an "Mh-hm, got it."

There were other, countless questions whizzing around in her head, everything about this place and the people she was with, but those had to wait until later. She turned to the growl with a determined grin and immediately was disappointed. Of course, there wouldn't be a huge Deathstalker right away, but creeps? Creeps!?

"Keep your five points," she said to Smokey with a slight grin but kept her eyes on the creeps as she quickly took an arrow out her quiver and tension it into her bow, firing it immediately. The arrow raced forward, hitting its target, the 'leading' creep, almost instantly, piercing into its black skin before it could reach the group. A second arrow was fired just as fast as the first one, right at the group of the remaining four creeps. Kisha lowered her bow as the black smoke of the evaporating Grimm rose in the distance, and took a few steps back. "That's two points for me," she said with a confident smile and put her hand on her hip. "Even though creeps are not even worth a point, Beowolves maybe, but creeps? You know what, make one point out of it, I'll give a Creep a maximum of 0.5 "

Attack Log:

-Shooting two creeps


Aura: 100%
Fire Arrows: 8/8
Ice Arrows: 8/8
Energy arrows: 8/8
Normal Arrows: 6/8
Signal arrows: 3/3
Semblance: 100%
Smoke grenades: 3/3
Hydrogen grenades: 3/3

Score: 1 Point
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