Author Topic: Beacon First Year Seeks Team, Friendship [CLOSED]  (Read 282 times)


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Beacon First Year Seeks Team, Friendship [CLOSED]
« on: October 17, 2018, 06:25:02 PM »
Beacon Academy, 1st Year
Name: Zaffre Latya [Link]

Species, Gender: Human, Female

Background: Zaffre was born and raised in Vale. Her father was a huntsman but got severely injured and she had a crisis as a result during her second year at signal. Her father was able to reassure her and by the time she finished her 4th year she was actually fit to get into beacon.

Personality: In huntress-in-training related situations, Zaffre is serious and focused with a strong sense of duty who will work herself far harder than she probably should. In the rare periods of downtime where she can get away with it, Zaffre becomes a lot more relaxed and her serious attitude will melt into a warm and friendly one.

Combat: Zaffre is a versatile, tactically-minded mid-range combatant who keeps melee options available out of necessity, as her support-oriented semblance often keeps her closer to the front lines than she would prefer. Her biggest weaknesses are her low defence and inability to handle opponents who get in close, though she is also susceptible to being out-ranged and overpowered by offensive semblances.
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Zaffre Latya - First Year Beacon - Telepathic Relay of Team DGTL