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Skylar Lunaria
« on: November 26, 2018, 06:01:41 PM »

Skylar Lunaria
Species and Gender:
Human Female
A broken light purple heart on a crimson field
Skylar is of average height and slim, almost too skinny build. She has long, flowing pink hair and very light, sky blue eyes, and probably would have been very attractive were it not for being almost dangerously underweight. She has tattoos all up and down her arms, legs, back, and abdomen, along with a couple in the collarbone area. Almost all of these tattoos are Dust infused, resulting in her skin looking like a kaleidoscope of color. She also has a single, small, crescent moon tattooed under the corner of her left eye. She normally wears a black tank top that reveals her stomach, a pair of well-worn, mid-calf jeans, black combat boots, and, occasionally, a black cardigan.
Skylar was born to a poor family in Vale. Her parents were both in considerable debt, as well as unable to hold a steady job for most of her childhood. She grew up in a very poor neighborhood in Vale, where gang violence and other crime was rampant. Throughout her childhood, she had a number of run-ins with law enforcement, as they attempted on numerous occasions to crack down on the gangs and other undesirables that frequented her neighborhood. Many times, she had not actually committed any crime, but she was often harassed nonetheless simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. As she grew up, her parents began to use her as a burglar, taking advantage of her smaller size to access places that they themselves could not get to. They would have her break into houses in less destitute areas of the city, using the money they made from these robberies to fund a number of vices that they both partook in. She resented her parents for this, as she did not obtain an education and she was not able to save any of the money that she earned through these robberies.

By the time she was 15, she had become a fantastic burglar, but she had grown to distrust anyone she came into contact with. Her own parents were using her for personal gain, and she wasn’t able to trust the authorities either, as these were the same people that had harassed her as a child. Given her criminal actions, she wasn’t confident they would help her regardless. She felt trapped in this cycle, and saw no way out. One day, however, she robbed a very wealthy individual of a very valuable item, an ornate, diamond brooch, which her parents were quickly able to sell to a fence. A couple days later, her family was visited at home by the same man that they had robbed. He showed up wearing an expensive looking suit, a cane, and two strongmen. Upon learning that Skylar had been the one to steal the item, the strongmen removed her parents from the room and the wealthy man spoke to her alone. He told her that he was going to teach her to protect herself, that he would show her different ways to steal different, more valuable items, and that she was going to work for him to repay the debt that she had incurred in stealing the brooch. He gave her the choice to either do this, or to go to jail and stay in jail for a very long time. She took the former, and after that day, she never saw her parents again.

The individual did not reveal his true name to Skylar, and told her to only refer to him as “Boss”. He did exactly as he said he would, teaching Skylar how to pickpocket, hotwire vehicles, pick locks, hack keypads, and a number of other methods for all sorts of criminal activity. In addition, he had her trained in hand to hand combat, as well as had her trained in aura and Dust usage, which she picked up incredibly quickly. Due to her semblance, the Boss taught her how to infuse Dust and to use it with her semblance. She was forced to grow up even faster, given that she was now committing all sorts of robberies, sometimes even running with crews, organized by the Boss, to rob shops or armored cars. Throughout this time, she was also struggling to survive, as every penny she made was taken by the Boss, leaving her to fend for herself when it came to the bare necessities. She still lives in a poverty-stricken area of Vale, and spends a lot of her time with other undesirables such as herself, and can typically be found either at home (not much more than a shack) or at a local bar, “The Leaky Mug”.
Skylar is highly untrusting and does not tend to get along well with other people. That being said, she has no issue working with others in order to pull off a job. She may be more inclined to do most of the job herself, but she will work with others nonetheless. Skylar’s primary motivation is that of survival. She cannot work a normal job because of the Boss, and pulling off bigger jobs without him knowing is almost impossible, so she has to focus much of her energy on stealing enough food and money to simply survive. She doesn’t have much of a moral compass, so she has no issue using force to get what she wants or needs. Despite this, she is an artistic person, using art and, more specifically, her Dust tattoos as an outlet.
Aura and Semblance:
Skylar has an immense amount of aura, and her semblance allows her to project her aura beyond her body in order to create constructs out of it. There are three different levels of activations present in her semblance, which typically are related to how emotionally distressed she is.
The first of these levels allows her to fashion her aura into solid shapes or weapons, or to extend her aura along her own weapons. She has all but mastered this level of her semblance and is able to access it just about whenever she needs to.
The second level of her semblance allows her to manipulate her aura beyond her body, allowing for ranged attacks as well as an elastic defense mechanism. She can access this state especially easily when she is in a stressful or dangerous situation, but is generally able to access it under normal conditions.
The third and final level of her semblance can only be accessed under extreme emotional or physical duress. In this state, her aura closes like a shield around her, protecting her from most harm. She cannot control her aura in this state, and typically cannot remember events that transpire during the activation of this state. Her aura becomes her very soul made manifest, and it resorts to Skylar’s most primal survival instincts. In this state, Skylar will typically deal with any immediate threats and then flee the area until she is safe. She has only reached this level once, when her life was threatened, and she woke up hours away from Vale after the fact.
Combat Behavior: 
Skylar’s massive amount of aura is her biggest asset in combat. She can wield it like a weapon itself, and thus is never without a way to defend herself. In addition, she is trained in hand to hand combat, being fairly proficient in it. That being said, she is not the most physically strong, due to her smaller frame. Due to the poverty that she lives in, she doesn’t eat particularly well, and so is somewhat underweight and not terribly strong. In addition, she has limited ranged capabilities, so must close with her adversary to be effective in combat. She has the ability to infuse Dust, and does so in order to have more of a weapon with her at all times. Being poor, she cannot afford expensive weapons with which to use Dust, so she steals Dust and then infuses it with her skin in the form of tattoos.

Twin Daggers
Primary Form:
Skylar owns a pair of daggers each about 6 inches in length. One of these, she keeps on her hip, the other she keeps in a holster in her left boot.
She obtained these daggers during one of her robberies. An off-duty huntsman attempted to intervene in a robbery that she and some of the Boss’ associates were committing, which resulted in the group killing the huntsman to save themselves, and Skylar took the daggers off of him.


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Re: Skylar Lunaria
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2018, 06:22:54 AM »
Second characters, looks OK but I have a few things I'd like straghtened out before continuing.

I really don't like bezerk or 'super powerful technique but can only be used when really stressed' type abilities so I would prefer if you removed that bit. Constructing an aura cocoon is within the other abilities of the semblance.

Is there a reason why the range attacks granted by Skylar's semblance don't grant her range effectiveness? Because like if they don't what is really the point of them?

What do you mean by her tattooes repersenting how artistic she is? Does she do them herself?

The 'Boss' character doesn't seem to make a huge amount of sense, if you are willing to train someone then surely you are willing to give them enough food to eat?
No criticism is too harsh so hit me with your best shot.

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