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Azurblau "Corazon" Glasregen
« on: January 04, 2019, 10:18:11 AM »

Name: Azurblau "Corazon" Glasregen

Age: 26

Species and Gender: Human, Male

Symbol:  A slanted teardrop-esque heart with the curves on the top separated and ends in a swirl

Occupation: Assassin, Spy, Huntsman

Appearance: Azurblau is a 5"7 foot tall man, he has an average build and has a body structure that looks rather feminine. He has slanted eyes, due to his heterochromia, his two eyes are in different color, his left eye is green while the right one is brown. He has a short kiddie bob cut hair that extends only to the bottom of his head with a fringe and a curl on the sides of his head that has its end reach his eyes. He wears a white dress shirt under a modified duster with a hood, he also wears a cape similar to a 1940s nurse cape on top of his duster, light blue dress pants and black dress shoes, he also wears black gloves. He wears a mask whenever he's assassinating someone so he can hide his identity. His mask lacks facial features except the holes for his eyes, it also has a rebreather on the mouth area of the mask for inhaling.

History: Born in a small town not far from Atlas, his parents decided to move to Atlas due to the blizzards that wreak havoc on the town and the famine its citizen suffers. They traveled on foot to Atlas, enduring the snowstorms by hiding inside abandoned houses, at one point Azurblau contracted an eye disease. After a week, they have reached Atlas and settled there for about a year, his parents had a decent job as traders and made more than enough money, his eye disease was cured but gave him Heterochromia as a side-effect. His parents then decided to move once again, but this time to Mistral. Instead of travelling by their own, they went aboard a public transportation ship as it is much safer. Not long after its departure, a group of ( 8 ) White Fang members revealed themselves and hijacked the ship to change its course to Vale instead, the security team tried to fight back but to no avail. The commotion caused by the passengers attracted a flock of Nevermore towards their ship, the White Fang members decided to throw away the passengers to make the flock go towards the falling passengers instead of them. The passengers started fighting the White Fang members which made the Nevermore even more attracted, a Nevermore attacked the ship, which made the ship crash near Vale. All the surviving passengers tried to run off to the nearest town but to no avail, as it started raining and they only got more lost, the White Fang members found them and tried to hold them captive once more. However, the commotion they caused yet again attracted Grimm, which viciously killed most of the passengers, the remaining passengers got killed by the White Fang member, with only Azurblau surviving, he was paralyzed in shock as the passengers, including his parents, get killed. Azurblau is left motionless as he feels powerless and shakes in fear instead of escaping, the White Fang members quickly took notice of him and tried to kill him. However, a mysterious stranger appeared out of nowhere and killed the two White Fang members with his gun and ran towards Azurblau to rescue him, he successfully carried Azurblau and ran off.

After a few hours, the stranger and Azurblau reached a small village not far from where he found Azurblau which turns out to be the stranger's hometown. The stranger took Azurblau to his home and told him his background and how he got to Azurblau. The stranger turns out to be a retired huntsman than just so happens to stumble upon the White Fang members and Azurblau while patrolling. He told Azurblau his name, Corazon, and decided to take care of Azurblau because his parents has died. Due to Azurblau's young age, he still doesn't know about the concept of death and thinks that his parents will come for him like the ones he saw in TV. Corazon started raising Azurblau like his own and told Azurblau the truth about the death of his parents at the age of 9. This caused Azurblau to emotionally break down and cry, after a few hours they visited the place where the massacre happened and buried the dead bodies of every passenger, Azurblau mourned his parents' death and continuously visits their grave at a weekly basis. Azurblau decided to become stronger to protect the ones he loved, Corazon then started to train Azurblau as an assassin and unlocked his aura after a few months of non-stop training. After a few years, Corazon told Azurblau more information about himself, like how he was also working as an assassin and information about his semblance, which is the ability to see heat signatures, he also revealed that he was blind and uses his semblance to replace his eyes. A few more years and Corazon decided to take Azurblau to Beacon where he can train to become a huntsman. Azurblau rejoiced since he wants to become a huntsman because he idolizes Corazon, although the joy was short lived as the men in the watchtower found the group of White Fang members reappears to get revenge on Corazon, it turns out that Corazon stole a bunch of Atlesian weapons from the camp of the White Fang members. The town was set on fire even before the citizens had time to evacuated, the panic of the citizens attracted Grimm. The White Fang members found the Corazon's home, knocked out Azurblau whom tried to protect the Corazon, and overpowers him with their number, he was beaten up by the White Fang members then he was left to burn as the White Fang members left to search for the Atlesian weapons. Corazon tried to reach out to Azurblau by shouting as he cannot see due to the fire and successfully woke up Azurblau. He told Azurblau to leave him behind and run away, but Azurblau disobeyed Corazon and tried to let Corazon lean on him to escape. However, it turns out that the White Fang members did not leave yet and ambushed Azurblau, the leader tried to shoot Azurblau but Corazon intercepted the bullet, killing him in the process. Due to the emotional stress Azurblau was feeling as he see another loved one die in front of him. Coincidentally, it started raining, due to the emotional stress he unlocked his semblance, though he doesn't have full control over it, the gang of White Fang members held Azurblau captive and forced him to tell them the place where Corazon hid the Atlesian weapons, Azurblau had no choice and told them that it was in the cellar. The gang of White gang members was then ambushed by a horde of Ursai, the White Fang members escaped the ambushed but they lost half of their members, after getting inside the cellar, they began to command Azurblau to get them the crate where the Atlesian weapons were contained. Azurblau found the crate and, instead of taking it to them, took a gun and rebelled against the remaining members of the White Fang gang. Azurblau only managed to two and left one remaining, the remaining member took the gun from Azurblau and tried shooting him with it. It turns out that Azurblau took Corazon's gun before he was taken by the White Fang members and hid it in his pants. He shot the remaining White Fang member while he was in the middle of taunting Azurblau. Azurblau then waited for the Grimm to leave and left the cellar, not before taking a few supplies. He buried Corazon's corpse and left the town.

Azurblau decided to travel to Vale and attend Beacon to become a huntsman like Corazon. In the end, Azurblau reached Vale and lived off pickpocketing for a while until he has enough to get to Beacon, he managed to make enough to get to Beacon and was accepted, he eventually graduated and became a huntsman. He noticed that he isn't making much as a huntsman, so he resorted to the underworld where he became a contract killer, or an assassin, though Corazon might have influenced his decision. He used Corazon's name to quickly gain fame throughout the underworld, as Corazon was infamous during his prime, Azurblau found that out after using Corazon's name as a nickname rather than a simulacrum. Due to his experiences and the skills he gained during his time in Beacon and while being trained by Corazon, he quickly made his name, or rather brought Corazon's name back to the underworld, by becoming an efficient assassin and spy. Though he is usually hired to kill people that hasn't unlocked their aura yet, as that was his preferred target. He usually doesn't speak with his employers, he only speaks to ask general questions. Due to his fame, his semblance is not much of a secret as his employers found out that he was able to kill his targets faster than normal during rainfall. Azurblau became more cautious by killing everyone who knows his semblance as it might get him killed if they managed to find out his weaknesses.

Personality: Azurblau behaves somewhat childish, as seen in his mannerism like how he usually stands with his legs crossed with his hands holding each other placed on the front of his body whenever having conversations with his superiors, his tendencies to hide the problems he caused like how a child hides the vase they broke, his highly expressive nature, even if what he spouts may come out as insensitive or offensive, and his speech pattern, wherein he extends his pronunciation of certain words with vowels in the middle. Due to his childish nature, he has poor social skills and can't differentiate with what's rude and what's not, it is seen in his tendencies to stand on top of someone when using his semblance to give him the ability to stand and walk in the air, another one of his strange tendencies is when finding a certain person, he is prone to look at unlikely places ( such as toilet bowls and pipes ). He has high regards and deeply loyal towards his superiors, he acts like a child behaving to their parents towards them. He is very apologetic, simple-minded, as seen in the way he uses his semblance, lacks social skills, since he doesn't know if his actions are rude or not, and oblivious, as he prone to gawk and being fooled. He hates getting dirty, which is why he wears a lot of clothing. Though childish, he can become serious from time to time, usually whenever taking on a heavy topic or in a dire situation, he becomes more sincere and/or grim, he behaves like an adult instead of an oblivious child, being more concentrated in conversations and takes note of important points, and aggressive though he still has his odd mannerisms. He is caring towards the people he loves and tries to protect them the best he can, even risk his life for them, people that he is fond and has a close bond with are in a higher regard than his superiors. He still shows some sympathy towards strangers as well, he is willing to protect citizens that are endangered. Due to his history with the White Fang, he deeply despises them to the point of killing every member he sees, he doesn't take contracts by any White Fang member or associate, and he even hunts down every White Fang base he knows. Despite his relationship with the White Fang, he still doesn't exhibit any discrimination nor oppression towards Faunus, as he was from Atlas and he saw the slavery done to them, which he realized after seeing it again after passing by a town on his way to Vale. He treats them like normal people, but with slight pity, although he does take caution when meeting Faunus that are complete strangers to him as he doesn't know if they are a member of the White Fang or not. However, he does go through emotional outbreaks and outrages when having a conversation with a Faunus that went on for too long, as it will go deeper and deeper until the topic switches to the crimes of the White Fang, specifically towards him, which showcases that he still has an uncontrollable grudge towards the Faunus race even if they know that not all Faunus are part of the White Fang. In combat, his personality takes a slight change, he becomes ruthless, analytic, and violent, as seen in his combat behavior, he doesn't show any sympathy towards his targets, this may also allude to his occupation as a contract killer.

His personality also takes a change when asked certain questions, like why did he chose to become a huntsman/assassin, or when Corazon gets hinted or mentioned. He becomes emotional, to the point of crying, he refuses to talk further, and he will become aggressive to the person he's talking with to stop him from talking any further, it's almost like all of his personalities and mannerisms have been replaced with sorrow and ignorance, he doesn't show respect nor loyalty towards his superiors, he pronounces words rather normally, and he even stands with confidence, he sobs and weeps for the whole period of his change in personality. Although his personality goes back to normal after some time alone. This odd change in personality may allude to his relationship with Corazon, as he's been with and taken care of Corazon the most, his parents die pretty early off and Corazon took care of him until he was 15. Corazon might also be the reason of his child-like behavior as Corazon is a bad caretaker, he doesn't know how to teach kids to grow up. It is most likely as Corazon is the biggest influential figure of Azurblau's life, even outright says that Corazon is his main driving force to become what he is and defends him whenever he gets dissed with boldness, gratitude, and audacity, though he does cry after saying all his statements.

Aura: Aura Color: Wisteria
His wisteria aura is a representation of both his serious side and innocence, due to wisteria being a lighter purpler. The purple is his serious side since purple is mostly used to describe someone evil, and the lightness of the purple is his innocence as he is childish, the lightness is used to represent his innocence due to light being often used to signify good or justice.

Semblance: Rain Transmutation
Despite the name, his semblance has little to do with rainfall, though rainfall does up his ability a bit. Azurblau's semblance is to make the water, that had physical contact with the aura shielding Azurblau, undergo a transmutation to become glass. The water will undergo 3 phases before becoming into glass, the first phase is that the liquid will become motionless, then the liquid will then become solid enough to be stood on by Azurblau, the final phase is to fully become glass, if the glass were made from the droplets was made motionless mid-air, the glass will remain floating mid-air until Azurblau used his aura to compel them forward at high speeds, or if he just chooses to let gravity affect them once more. The water will not permanently become glass, the length of the liquid being glass depends on how long Azurblau wants it to be glass. He can rotate and launch it but he cannot freely move it using his mind, or aura.

Capabilities: The main ability of Azurblau's semblance is to turn liquid into glass. He can create glass shards from water droplets then launch them towards his opponent using his aura, and/or trapping his opponents inside glass by turning the water surrounding them into glass. Azurblau can also stop the transmutation process to just phase one or phase two, which he uses for transportation. By the stopping the process on phase two, he can step on them and tread using them, he can then make the droplets around him motionless as well. He can also walk on water by stepping on the area of the water, then stopping the process on phase two. During rainfall or being in near a body of water, his semblance becomes even more useful as he can turn the raindrops and the body of water into glass or stop them from moving and step on them. He can make the glass harder, though it uses more aura, he can also make it thicker, bigger, and give it a shape, though it requires more water and uses a lot more aura. He is very proficient with his semblance, to the point of being able to make water undergo the process without touching it, although it does use more aura.

Limitations: The first limitation of his ability is the requirement for water. And no, the water inside organisms does not count. The liquids that will undergo the process will require time to fully complete the process ( he can stop water from moving almost instantly, half a second to make it solid enough to stand on, and a full second to turn it into glass ), the larger the shape he's trying to make, the more aura and time it consumes, speeding up the process will use up aura, also making him lose focus will reverse the process. Another limitation is that the glass form of the water he converted is only temporary, the longer they are in their glass form, the more aura it consumes. The droplets that are motionless mid-air and are being used for transportation has no offensive capabilities, they will remain mid-air and touching them on their sides will cause them to split and go over the limb then reform back after the limb leaves the location they're in, which means they are basically harmless. His semblance requires a lot of aura to be used to the fullest, therefore he needs to regulate his aura usage or he will be left defenseless.

Relation to the user: One of the reasons his semblance is Rain Conversion is his methodical-like personality, he eagerly follows his procedure of fighting when in combat, which mirrors his semblance's ability to make water undergo a process before turning into glass. The reason to why his semblance is to make glass is due to his transparent relationships and behaviors with the people he knows, it is easy to perceive his loyalty and respect he has on his superiors, his protectiveness towards the people he cares about, his childish behavior and mannerisms, and his relationship with Corazon, as it is easy to perceive that he heavily idolizes him. The reason to why he needs water to make glass, by turning them into glass, is due to his purity, despite his job as a professional assassin and his villain-like demeanor, being from the underground and all, he is still somewhat a child, it is transparent in his child-like behavior that he is still somewhat of a child and has little to no understanding of morality.

Combat Behavior:
He is a highly skilled close quarters combatant, as it is his preferred fighting style, he's proficient in martial arts, he is also very agile and athletic. He exhibits a somewhat superhuman strength, as he is capable of kicking Ursai to a far distance and break boulders with it. He uses his umbrella as a weapon and he's quite proficient with it. He uses his umbrella to splash his opponents with water droplets and as a aura conduit. He is poor at fighting on moving vehicles.

Against Humans and Faunus: His fighting style depends if his opponent uses aura or not, if not then he will kill him using his gun at point-blank-range. If his opponent uses aura, he will dodge and block every attack for some time until he has analyzed his opponent's capabilities, semblance, and fighting style. If he figures out that he can beat his opponent, he will retaliate with a heavy attack with his umbrella or his arms or legs, then he will try to exhaust his opponent's stamina and aura until his opponent has been rendered unconscious or has depleted their aura, then he will finish his opponent off with Heart of Nowhere, shooting his opponent at point-blank-range. If he knows he can't beat them, then he will try to retreat.

Against Grimm: Being a huntsman, he is more than capable of killing Grimm. However, he still has chances to lose against gigantic and armored Grimm, or just gigantic Grimm in general ( e.g giant Nevermores, King Taijitu, and giant Deathstalkers ), he has a chance to win but a bigger chance to lose, or even die.

Name: Stargazer

Primary Form: An elaborately decorated light purple umbrella. The umbrella serves both as a shield, due to it being nigh unbreakable, and a way to splash people with raindrops and transform the mist into glass. Another way of using his umbrella is thrusting it at high speed to wedge it through his opponent.

History: The umbrella is one of the Atlesian weapons that the gang of White Fang members stole, which was taken by Corazon. The umbrellas were originally commissioned by the Atlesian military to act as a device for the citizens to protect themselves since it is nigh unbreakable. Azurblau took the umbrella from Corazon's cellar which contained all the Atlesian weapons he stole, he took the umbrella because it syncs well with his semblance, which he discovered by accident when he saw a hole on the ceiling that was dripping water, he noticed that he was able to stop the movement of the raindrops the were falling. He then designed the umbrella not long after settling in Vale and naming it.


Name: Heart of Nowhere

Primary Form: A decorated and modified revolver. It has 10 chambers instead or 6.

History: Heart of Nowhere is originally Corazon's gun, which he used as a sidearm. After his death, Azurblau took the gun in memory of him. Azurblau usually uses Heart of Nowhere to assassinate his targets that has not unlocked their aura, or opponents that has exhausted their aura.
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Re: Azurblau "Corazon" Glasregen
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2019, 05:44:28 PM »
I feel obligated again to say school aged characters will get more use on the site but then again if this what you want that shouldn't stop you. You could always make something else later. Regardless this character has come along way and yoy did a good job sticking with it. +1.
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