Author Topic: Looking 4th year Haven team  (Read 122 times)


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Looking 4th year Haven team
« on: February 21, 2019, 05:22:43 PM »
So, this is probably going to sit here a while, but I figured I'd post something anyways.

Lucas got approved, and he'll probably need a team.  His semblance is a lantern that creates AoE "debuffs" (i.e. fire damage increased in the area, knockback increased, creating fog clouds that obscure vision, etc.) that changes depending on what type of dust is used.  He tends to work best as a scout, using his slippery nature and misleading abilities to confuse enemies and keep out of harm's reach, though his teamfight presence is arguably just as impactful.

Personality-wise, he's the lawful good, bookish, stoic type that tends to keep to himself.  He tends to put his team and the lives of others ahead of the mission at hand.

Smokey Emberstone Beacon 1st Year and the Immovable Gunslinger of Team BSSM "I've got more than enough firepower to beat you" "You've only got one bullet!" "Like I said, more than enough"

Aurelia Lumen Beacon 3rd year and the Warhorse of Team (TBD)  "Lay down your weapons, lest you wish to taste my steel!"

Wabul "Toast" Paka Shade 1st year and the Acrobatic Swashbuckler of Team (TBD)  "Hey, I'm gonna go jump off a bridge, who's with me?"

Lucas Meridiem Haven 4th year and the Hermit of Team (TBD)  "What's so great about 'bittersweet'?"

Clara Meridiem Beacon 1st year and the Blast Magician of Team (TBD) "No one likes just plain ol' bitter"