Author Topic: First Year 1v1 bracket- Semifinal: Camelia Sol vs Juno Vert  (Read 1305 times)


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Re: First Year 1v1 bracket- Semifinal: Camelia Sol vs Juno Vert
« Reply #15 on: September 07, 2019, 06:02:53 PM »
Before Camelia could get him right where she wanted, her opponent was already descending upon her. Reacting on instinct, she rushed forward and rammed right into his legs with his shield, which she moved upwards during the impact to deflect the guy up and above. Spinning on her axis, she levelled Orion right at him and fired.

(Shield bash: 8%+whatever gets added from Juno's momentum, Ice charge fired from Orion: encasing all things within the area of effect in ice)

[Aura: 100]
[Orion: Secondary form, 1/2 Ice charges, full on the rest]
[Semblance: 94.8%]
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