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Shards of Knowledge [Shard INC][Semi-closed; PM]
« on: April 15, 2019, 07:05:43 PM »
Within a sports building briefly renovated for the event, the Shard Inc exhibition has got well underway. Many screens have been changed to provide their logo along with one new advancement or another, and more physical representations of these shown in the various displays located around the different pitches. One has a variety of neurology developments, including some prototype mechashift linkage, while another contains a variety of miscellaneous technological advancements – some weapons research, some computer learning developments and materials research to name a few.

Yet the main attraction still lies in the one containing what really defined their brand; the area entirely designated to prosthetics. A variety of new replacement limbs and haptic sensors lined several of the displays, some even interactive – the limb copying the person’s own movements with a sensor attached to them. Various weapon integrations also were displayed, hoping to further interest the hunter crowd who were attending the convention. Most notably, however, was the area designated to showing off their ‘latest’ invention – additional limb prosthetics. Several screens were displaying videos with commentary about development of the project, uses of the extra limbs, and showing examples – loader-like detachable limbs for heavy lifting, nerve-controlled weapons systems and even additional arms that could be taken off or on with available port implants for hunters and huntresses.

Indeed, there was even a few members of Shard INC with such implants showing them off; one having the heavy duty arms curling around his back and smiling as he took heavy crates around the room without a care in the world, reminding people he didn’t have aura; another woman with a number of folding limbs holding various medical instruments, smiling and occasionally getting someone to show them a small bump or bruise and patching it up; and then a huntress in blue-black clothing, the signs of an implant obvious by the metal framework on her back extending to her shoulders, but just talking with some of the older hunters and huntresses about her face mask covering her eyes about the viability of the replacement limbs, keeping her cards close to her chest – the exhibition match was due fairly soon, the match why Shard INC had chosen the sports building (along with the space offered) - and the rules behind it were meant to be a surprise, after all. Two employees stood in a booth within the additional limb section, one with a ‘queries’ sign and another with ‘hunters’ – one was answering general questions, and the other was taking in someone’s weapon and semblance and offering ideas about what this technology could do to benefit them in the future, giving some example implantations - as well as offering tickets for a raffle to enter the exhibition match.

The final, main arena was left as it was, albeit with some fanfare added - it would be the sight of the exhibition match once the raffle was over. The other rooms were laid out almost in a circle around the sunken middle room, having glass windows all able to look into it; Shard INC had certainly chosen the right building to highlight their technology in the flashiest way possible. An announcer stand was being set up, along with some audience protection; there were stands surrounding the room, but they'd been moved back from the room itself and the dust forcefield tested in a few methods to ensure public safety in advance.
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Re: Shards of Knowledge [Shard INC][Semi-closed; PM]
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2019, 04:46:13 PM »
Smokey wanders around the exhibit, meandering from showcase to showcase absentmindedly.  There's a lot of advanced technology here, though he was mostly interested in the weapons research.  Unfortunately, so far he's been less than impressed with what he's seen.  Sure, the weapons here are a grade above the typical standard fare, but his dad was a one-man-show who designed and constructed weapons for Specialists.  Hell, his own gun The Good News was probably the most powerful weapon here, and it's technically considered a "light weapon".  Technically.

That being said, it's probably a bit unfair to write this company off without checking out their main attraction.  This Shard company's primary product was prosthetics, both in the form of replacement limbs and, at least now, additional ones.  Those exhibits were pretty flashy, too; there was a guy walking around with heavy crates, some lady with a bunch of fancy robotic appendages.  Smokey doesn't really see the appeal though.  Sure, he can see the use in, say, industry or the medical field, but he's pretty sure there isn't anything those limbs could offer him in the field that he couldn't do himself already.  Besides, what happens when something goes awry?  Some of the limbs look heavy, and if the dust supporting them (or whatever supports them) malfunctions for whatever reason, whoever's wearing 'em has to either abandon all that tech or drag it around with them.

Still, the company seems pretty proud of them, so much so that they've even organized an exhibition match against a decked-out huntress.  Though Smokey remains unconvinced, he's still curious to see how they'd actually hold up in a fight, so he walks over to the booth labelled "Hunters" to see if he can sign himself up.

"So, uh, this where I sign up to fight?  Name's Smokey Emberstone," he says quietly.
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Re: Shards of Knowledge [Shard INC][Semi-closed; PM]
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2019, 07:31:07 PM »
The first thing Nathan had done upon entering the event was hold in his instincts and stride directly towards the large 'RAFFLE'-indicating sign, wrote his name on a slip of paper and unceremoniously deposited it in the tumbling contraption. Afterwards, though, he let loose and meticulously inspected every sign, item, exposition and other that fell under his gaze.

While the things that usually interested him - materials research and weapons research, namely - weren't exactly all that advanced, he still took the time to read through all the blurbs an look at all the objects that were on display. That being said, he was through with them relatively quickly owning to their small numbers.

That doesn't mean he didn't enjoy the main attraction, though. Nathan had little, if any, experience either working on or with prosthetics, never mind researching them. Thus he learned of many, many, many things, absorbing the knowledge so graciously provided like a dry sponge soaks up water. He gave a go to the exhibits he could fumble with and happily questioned the demonstrators as to the prosthetics' capabilities, operation, feeling and any possible hindrances, from sleeping on your back to taking a shower. Seldom did his eyes look so bright and alive.

Alas, even that much had its limits - after several hours, he'd exhausted all he could do short of the 'queries/hunters' booth. As he approached it, the line for queries stretching for about a dozen people, he headed to the hunters side and waited a respectable distance from the guy already there - seemingly about the same age as he was, named Smokey Emberstone from what he overheard.
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