Author Topic: Rabid Fansboys and Girls - How do your characters cope?  (Read 381 times)


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Rabid Fansboys and Girls - How do your characters cope?
« on: May 15, 2019, 08:55:40 PM »
The Vytal Tournament is essentially the most-watched televised event in all of Remnant, and can probably be pretty accurately compared to the Olympics in our world. You have young hunters-in-training competing against each other in insane, arena-destroying fights and displaying awesome powers as they try to prove they're the most promising trainee of their generation. The tourney fighters are undoubtedly going to amass supporters, and more importantly- fanbases-

So how do your characters react?

From the Remnant equivalent of twitter accounts dedicated to a specific part of their body to the youngin's that look at them with wide-eyes in the streets, how do your characters react to this fame? What do you think is going to be their likeliest (or unlikeliest) addition of groups to their fanbases? And most importantly, how do they choose to interact with them all?
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Re: Rabid Fansboys and Girls - How do your characters cope?
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2019, 09:04:15 PM »
Nathan had that and entirely ignored it. One, there's just too much of it to process. Two, most of it was about killing him. Three, he now follows Ergia on Witter.

Cammie isn't very much a computer person so she doesn't see all the fake porn of her that's going around. Thankfully, most people keep it to saying "hi" and keep the lecherous gazes out of her line of sight.

Anna doesn't computer at all and similarly doesn't go out much.

Brock welcomes all of the IRL interaction and barely does anything on social networks.

Helena starts out with a phase where she tries to reply to everything before it clicks that studying is more important. She's very kind to people who come to her, though.

Maena flicks through social networks once in a while out of curiosity and keeps IRL encounters short and curt, but extremely polite.
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Re: Rabid Fansboys and Girls - How do your characters cope?
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2019, 02:52:43 AM »
Given what most of the response to him was (both pre and post shooting) I imagine it would just leave him incredibly pissed off.

Revya would probably panic at the sheer amount of attention, especially after winning the 2nd year tournament.

Fallow probably just wouldn’t give a damn and would only interact with his community occasionally in order to fuck with it or get it to help him fuck with someone else.

Sandy would probably really enjoy it and try to interact as much as he could.
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Re: Rabid Fansboys and Girls - How do your characters cope?
« Reply #3 on: May 16, 2019, 05:29:18 AM »
Razzy is a showman, and spends a loooot of time interacting with his fans, but to him they're really just friends he needs to know even better. He's great with the kids, and makes sure to show them a trick with his semblance whenever he meets one of them IRL.

Janna... Well, she isn't too keen on the fans. She's not a huntress for the glory of it. Instead, she tends to direct any praise towards the other members of her team.

Reggie doesn't have fans. At least, he doesn't have fans he's interacted with because anyone he's interacted with has promptly changed their mind.

Rufus is much more likely to deal with the haters than to interact with the fans. His online presence includes roast battles on social networks and occasionally giving what he believes to be sound life advice to people who might ask for it.

Anza loves the praise and basks in it online, but in person she tends to have trouble when dealing with any fans. Being praised directly by people she hardly knows leaves her flustered.

Coconut... Well, it's Nut. He's as braggadocios as can be with the guys, urging them to become huntsmen as well. With the girls, he's the same awkward, lecherous dork he is with any of the girls he meets at Beacon. As for online presence, he's constantly bombarded with invites to meetups and lewd suggestions, and fan confessions and what else. Too bad he has exactly 0 fucking clue how to use his scroll.

Tiber would not yet have any fans. If he did, he would ignore them other than the faunus to whom he might be an idol. He enjoys talking to them online, since it's easier for him, and tries to inspire them to go out there and kick ass.
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Re: Rabid Fansboys and Girls - How do your characters cope?
« Reply #4 on: May 16, 2019, 06:01:03 AM »
Setsuna tries to make time to meet up with all his fans IRL, but since he does his best to make each interaction enjoyable he ends up being a bit swamped as he doesn't just want to do a short meet-and-greet.

Tina spends all her time online in conversation. Actively avoids IRL fangroups.

Kei knows he has a fanbase, but ignores both IRL and online groups. This, unfortunately, only provides them with a incentive to get his attention / get a one-on-one meeting.

Graham would interact with his fans by arranging times to meet and show off his flashy moves.

Jocelyn wouldn't say much online, but would try and help any potential medics that reach out to or were inspired by her.

Both Yu and Rachel are entirely ignorant of the fact that they even have fans. One because he doesn't know what a "fan" is, the other because they avoid humans they don't know.

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Re: Rabid Fansboys and Girls - How do your characters cope?
« Reply #5 on: May 16, 2019, 07:38:10 PM »
Oh Malina haaaaaaaaates it. She doesn't have a real social media presence so it's not as bad for her, the only real place she consistantly visits is Hunters' Den and that's under Thornback. She also stays at Beacon most of the time so she doesn't have to worry about anyone recognizing her that usually wouldn't but on the off chance she's out and someone actually does recognize her she tries to abort that conversation immediately.

Let's be clear, Zabar is a pretty okay looking dude and he's got an amicable personality and he won. He came out on top in the first year up-and-coming 1v1 bracket. His name, his appearance, it's out there and there's no getting that back. Maybe he'll stay away from participating in public tourneys and his name will fall out from pu lic knowledge eventually but the information is still all there: interviews, ads for new hunter tech aimed at students, ads that have nothing to do with hunters, the award scenario. He liked it all at first, he really did. He was always the kind of kid who reveled in the spot light, he loved it when he got challenged to a fight. And then it just.... Kept coming. Day after day, week after week he didn't get a break from any of it. He was more safe in Vacuo since they don't have major in your face 24/7/365 news like the other kingdoms but they still kept coming. Eventually it got to a point where he just go straight from classes to his dorm and from his dorm to classes. He still wanted to take fights but every time he went out, it was just request after request after request. Eventually the in-your-face fans or fight challenges faded away and he got back into the rhythm of normal life with a few more people coming up to talk with him or drag him somewhere. It wasn't too bad, all things considered, but it was still a really weird break and constriction of routine for someone who isn't used to being constrained in his room.
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Re: Rabid Fansboys and Girls - How do your characters cope?
« Reply #6 on: May 17, 2019, 12:21:12 AM »
So, I like to think that setting half the arena on fire and then setting off a fire tornado would be pretty eye-catching, and even in the other bouts, Smokey did some pretty drastic things.  So, regardless of how well he actually did in the Vytal Tournament, he probably left an impression on the audience.  And much to his chagrin, the fight against Prism will probably be his most memorable for a good long time simply because he demonstrated just how much fire power he actually had.  With that in mind, he probably has more support than he realizes.  He may not have legions of fangirls, but his brash demeanor and focus on raw power and strength appeals to more than a few demographics, I'd say.  Still, like I said, He probably won't realize he has fans at all, and he'll actively avoid talking about his performance at the tournament with strangers.

Aurelia is a bit harder to gauge.  On the one hand, her appearance has a certain mystique to it: she wears full armor from head to toe, so her face is hidden.  She's not hiding her identity, of course, its just a consequence of trying to protect her face.  That being said, there's a certain "mystery knight" appeal going on that probably scores a few fans with the romantic types.  On the other hand, the Vytal Festival's not a great place for her to show what's she's capable of.  The way the rules are setup, she might as well not have a semblance, which cuts her off from one of her biggest strengths.  Even if she did summon it, the arena's not exactly setup for a cavalry battle.  Honestly, the fact she even made it *in* the Vytal Tournament at all is probably a testament to her work ethic and skill, considering the disadvantages.  Still, if she has fans at all, she'll be cordial with them, but wouldn't actively meet with them.

Toast did not compete in the Vytal Festival, but he is a former performer, and thus has experience with fans.  Toast is a good-looking guy, first off, and he's a total flirt who would revel in the attention.  It wouldn't be hard to imagine him getting invited back to a fan's place and uh--well, you get the idea.  He's unfortunately a bit shallow when it comes to relationships, so he'll almost certainly break a few hearts, which could lead to hate mail.  But it's pretty hard to keep the guy down, and he'll pretty much carry on like he normally does.

As for Meridiem siblings, they probably don't have fans.  Lucas actively avoids the spotlight, and it's too early in Clara's career for her to make a big enough impact to warrant any kind of fanbase. 

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Re: Rabid Fansboys and Girls - How do your characters cope?
« Reply #7 on: May 17, 2019, 06:19:32 PM »
Isabelle made it to a finals match once, so she may be a little popular, but she does her best to present herself in a way where she doesn't stand out all that much. She is barely aware of just how many people know who she is, and until very recently, she was under the assumption that she didn't have fans. The first time one approached her, she would have been shocked and enthusiastic. It would be incredibly awkward. It also made her day, and maybe made her feel a little better about herself. At the same time, she suddenly became aware of how many people know about her existance, which only introduced another source of stress into her life. Isabelle doesn't like the idea of having fans, but she doesn't hate having them come up to her. In general she is kind and welcoming towards them. She would happily take pictures, give autograph, etc. to someone that enjoys seeing her fight. Although, this is still a rare occurence due to her efforts to stay out of the public view. If a fan started to get a little weird around her, she'd politely excuse herself, but wouldn't hold it against that person. If she met a fan that was really strange or obnoxious, she could use her semblance to leap far away from them and be done with that. Luckily, that hasn't been necessary at all yet. There's probably some fan activity online, but she has no clue. She barely knows how to work her scroll, so the chances of her coming across any of it are slim.

Lyssa finds it repetitive and annoying. Being a fourth year student, she has had more than her fair share of encounters. She doesn't really want or need fans, so she has no problem acting in a way that would make her look bad. By now, she has earned a reputation of being unapproachable (and kind of a huge jerk), so they don't often come up her. For some reason, there are still people who seem to like her, and they do occasionally walk up to her in public. Her use of the internet is pretty basic, no social media. It's easy for her to avoid it online, but not when she's minding her own business while out in the city. If they're just saying hello, she'd be somewhat respectful as long as they don't try to stick around long. If they try to have a conversation, it wouldn't last for a minute before she either leaves, tells them to get lost, or begins to ignore them. Any faunus would get a particularly dismissive attitude, and her patience would be a bit lower. At this point, most people get the hint and leave her alone. Those that don't will very quickly get on her last nerve. Nobody has stuck around long enough for her to really blow up at them, but it's definitely possible. Currently, she's working on getting less aggravated by all of it, part of her half-assed efforts at becoming a better person. Lyssa knows that if she doesn't get over it, she's going to have a hard time as a Huntress.

Vivian thinks it's great. Without a doubt, she would have the biggest fanbase out of my characters. Not only is she very popular, but she is very welcoming to her fans. Her prosthetic arms make her stand out and her fighting style is simple yet flashy enough to impress, especially when incorporating her semblance. More often than not, Vivian loves meeting new people and is exceptionally kind to anyone that approaches her. Even the ones that get a little too excited don't really bother her. She does her best to make them happy. Unfortunately, this does mean that she also has to deal with total weirdos now and then. Anyone who gets too creepy for her to remain comfortable will get a polite verbal warning, and if it still goes beyond that, she'll let them know with a hard squeeze from her metal hand that they should stop whatever they're doing. That usually ends the situation, and if it doesn't, they're going to get bounced in the opposite direction. She would be kind enough to use her semblance and put a bubble around her fist so her punch just knocks them on their ass, rather than breaking a rib or two. Auraless peasants and what not. That's the worst that she has dealt with in person, but there's a plethora of strange things involving her on the internet. She does a perfectly fine job of ignoring that side of her fanbase, but given that she's the one character I have that would actually use social media often, she occasionally sees things that she would rather not. These types of encounters and weird posts usually don't have much of a lasting effect on her, and they don't make meeting the normal fans any less enjoyable. She does have a hard time dealing with big groups of fans running into her and taking up her time, but it doesn't make her very upset. After a while, she has started getting used to it. Seeing their excitement is a lot of fun for her.

I'm in the process of rewriting Cassidy, so I'm not as sure, but I imagine he'd have a good amount of followers. He's a very feminine guy, and a lot of people probably find him cute. He sees a decent amount of fan groups, both on the internet and in real life. He is open to interacting with any individual who knows him, but he avoids spending a lot of time at any gatherings or public events to avoid groups of fangirls coming his way. He's not shy and is friendly, but too much attention at once makes him unable to think straight, and that is something he can't stand.
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Re: Rabid Fansboys and Girls - How do your characters cope?
« Reply #8 on: May 24, 2019, 05:54:27 AM »
So as has been pretty well established Calen is a bit of a dick but he is also very good at pretending he isn't. As such the flamboyant swordsman already with a few hunts under his belt would have probably gathered a reasonable following. Calen probably takes huge advantage of the parasocial relationships that form from celebrity and fan encouraging certain life decisions which although could definitely be the right way forward are still quite risky and all while keeping up the facade of someone who just wants to help. Just like most of his negative tendances Calen doesn't consider these actions evil, although they definitely are, he simply thinks he is teaching people a valuable lesson on trusting authority figures who don't have any real qualifications obviously ignoring that such a lesson could be taught without causing them pain.

Saffron has a lot of issues when interacting with her fans. As a Faunus in Atlas, she does actually have quite a large group of devoted Faunus fans who are amazed to see one of their own climb to the ranks she has as well as a few humans but who cares about them. The only issue is that because of a few extremely negative experiences concerning people pretending to be fans to humiliate her Saffron has been very slow to entertain the idea of doing any live meetups again. Even online Saffron knows that at least a couple of the messages she gets are from people trying to make a fool out of her but she has become savvier and by interacted though trusted gatekeepers she keeps the humiliations to a minimum while still providing advice online.

Ramalia hasn't really done anything to get fans. (I haven't been bothered to put her into anything.)
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