Author Topic: Your character is really stressed out, what's their go-to music genre?  (Read 1118 times)

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I'm leaving this here to edit later
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Smokey:  Heavy Metal, often paired with weight-lifting to work off any built up stress. 

Aurelia:  Have to go with the stereotypical rich girl thing and say classical, but she's more likely to work off stress with a horse-back ride and the sounds of nature than anything else.

Toast:  Jazz, bonus points if its a ballad with a soloist.  He's the type of guy to find some way high-up place, lean back and just let the world pass him by.

Lucas:  Good question, honestly.  I don't know, he may just be the type of guy who just has to stew a bit while he works through his shit.

Clara:  Same as above, to be honest.  She's my least developed character right now.
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What is it with you people and these in-depth questions I've never had the inkling to try and figure out
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Razzy: Something fun and bubbly, so probably pop.

Janna: She prefers silence to think things over.

Nut: cute_anime_faunus_girl_cover_of_country_roads.mp4

Reggie: He says classical, but any music he puts on is just background noise for ranting to himself.

Silica: Speed metal.

Anza: Sad country music.

Rufus: ...Smooth jazz.

Tiber: Ska.

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Isabelle likes classical. Piano concertos especially.

Lyssa is a metalhead, that genre takes up most of her playlists regardless of mood. She might listen to some less heavy rock as well, but she won't really seek it out just to calm down. She does sometimes play her own guitar to relax, and usually plays something more relaxing with a lower tempo.

Vivian: 24/7 lofi hip hop beats to relax and study to. She also listens to a lot of rap, if it's "chill" enough.

Cassidy is big on anything slow and quiet with primarily string instruments. Acoustic guitar, violin, cello, etc.
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Calen used to play the piano quite a bit with his family and as such, the instrument brings back a lot of bad memories for him. And as not-piano isn't a music genre Calen's prefered is probably folk. As a dancer both professionally and as a combat style Calen spends a lot of time around music and only really finds it possible to relax around the music he doesn't have to deal with in two most hectic parts of his life. Calen also has a soft spot for stories of ancient heroes even if he does little to give that impression.

Saffron is a musician first and for most and if she even needs to de-stress herself out she always falls back on her most treasured instrument, the twelve-string acoustic guitar. Saffron will often find herself somewhere cold and lonely, not hard in Atlas and play to her fingers are numb just to resent her mind. Finding the precise but relatively simple movements of guitar playing allows her to focus as she goes through various acoustic covers of pop songs.

Ramalia's only exposure to music before coming to Shade was the throat singing of her tribe, a rather corse harmony of voices supposed to mimic to ways of the desert(it is definitely as annoying to others as the desert is). Unlike Saffron, Ramalia can't really do this on her own and instead sits in silence, one of the few times Ramalia is silent, and plays back choruses her tribe and she once sang together before they cast her out.
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What is it with you people and these in-depth questions I've never had the inkling to try and figure out

That's the fun of it! Trying to think of a specific thing like this can make the characters feel a lot more real.

Diana would probably be listening to the remnant equivalent of the Beatles, older hippy love music that she would have picked up from her parents.

Bas is an artist and would probably listen to most music, if she was angry stressed it would be alternative rock while if it was more anxiety stress I could see her listening to classical.

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Prism would default to anything fast-paced with a strong beat, and then workout to the pace of it. Probably hard rock in that case.

Jima goes for punk music normally, but has a secret soft spot for pop and electrobeat when she needs to get back into a good mood. Something like this.

Azre will play his own music, which is usually jazz. Erza secretly listens to musical soundtracks she'll fervently deny listening to.

Chantou's good for whatever's on the radio, though she'll put on some form of classic-ballet music and go practice her dancing if she needs to destress specifically.
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