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Everyone Has Their Chains [Closed]
« on: February 07, 2020, 09:40:59 PM »
There was something distinctively wrong in the Engineering class Juno found himself in.

There was nothing particularly wrong with the day - if anything, the weather was quite nice outside. Clear skies, a nice breeze to offset the light but pleasant heat, and enough sun Samantha would complain upon going outside; a fairly stereotypically good day. It wasn't the content or presence of the class, either. Normal schedule and following the lesson plan so far, talking about the particularities of a new type of mecha-shift. Might not be for everyone, but the fox-eared teammate of Juno's was usually a big fan of this class in general, let alone an applicable topic - and it was one she actually focused on, so Juno could relax a little more in it without having to worry about a bored Samantha.

Always a dangerous thing, a bored huntress with a demolitions speciality, a love of tinkering and a fervour for all things dust.

The day had been fairly normal so far. VCVS had gone through their usual routines with varying degrees of enthusiasm, meals had been eaten, drinks had been drunk (as usual, including a large amount of coffee) and they'd all made their way to classes.

No, what was odd about the day was the fact Samantha had managed all of five minutes in her favourite class in the seat next to Juno, ears drooping, before her entire head had followed suite and smacked against the table with an audible thud and miniature glow of aura. What was more strange was the fact that didn't wake her up. And what really pointed to something being off? The fact the huge thermos of coffee she carried around was instead filled with Atlasian Black.

She hated the stuff with a passion. It was cheap, bland, and only medium-high in caffeine, and yet she had managed to drink three quarters of the overly sized container before passing out on her desk, chains occasionally making light clunks as they twitched in her sleep. Whether it was from dreams or from the malfunctions she'd been facing recently wasn't quite clear, but what was, was that the fox faunus was rather out of it.

Really, there'd been more than a few things pointing to the normally strange girl acting even more so than usual. She'd actually been going to solo combat training on a regular basis with a fervour and anger that was very rarely seen from the normally rather chilled out faunus. There had been late night outings before, but practically twice a week now Samantha was disappearing in the dead of night and coming back mumbling and typing things in her scroll. She'd done less and less music practise, or even her tinkering outings, instead spending it in the library or staring at an electronic's screen, researching one of the linked organisations to the White Fang they'd seen offhandedly in that fateful mission. Speaking of missions, she ended up in her hyperfocused, combative state again - for the most part, they only happened right in the midst of battle, but she occasionally struggled with some aspect of her personality and just started acting on instinct. Considering her calculative usual style, it was quite the stark contrast, and a slightly scary one, all things considered.

Yet still, out of all that, it was the fact she was drinking such a horrible blend of coffee that really would send the signal that something was off with her. Samantha was a bit odd, and the signs that showed her being off the most were similarly odd, but likely familiar to her team leader by this point. Still, outright passing out was also a new one.

She did look tired, though. Very tired.
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