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« on: September 13, 2016, 01:24:02 PM »
You know what to do ask them anything and you will get a response
Characters: ShowHide
Kale Bomvu "Ready, set, boom." -Third year explosives expert
Valerie Moriomo "What will it be booze or a mission?"- Owner of the Pink Forest and huntress for hire
Obadia Corcra/A.C.D.C."Never any interesting people.""Obadia... shut up." Third year Mad scientist--
Eddy Midori"You're never ready for me."-- First year Cocky Monk
Alice Kasshoku/Schwarz -- "You just need to chill."-- active huntress

Marcus Bomvu-"Is there a forge nearby? I prefer to keep working."-- First year craftsman of team SMMR

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« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2016, 02:12:23 AM »
Let's say there existed a weapon, or weapons, of unimaginable power. The power to reshape reality and maybe even have a will and voice of their own. How would your characters react to the discovery of this information?
Atlas: ShowHide
Mercenary: Kol Augur ~ The Judicator of Atlas
Speaking: #5C5054 Thinking: #EAC117
Mistral: ShowHide
Huntress-in-Training: Aca Roth ~ Member of Team RWND
Speaking: #E05260 Thinking: #EA857F
Huntress-in-Training: Brook Pallas ~ Member of Team CNBR
Speaking: #4863A0 Thinking: #98AFC7
White Fang Captain: Cornix ~ Survivor of Mistral and Captain in Vale
Speaking: #D0DAE0 Thinking: #BCC6CC
Council Member: Phaedo Katsaros ~ Figurehead for Faunus/Human relations
Speaking: #667C26 Thinking: #B6CC76
Vacuo: ShowHide
40th Vytal Tournament Champion: Zabar Aga ~ Member of Team DAWN
Speaking: #CD7F32 Thinking: #EE9A4D
Vale: ShowHide
Huntress: Malina Nahualli ~ Leader of Team MCCA
Speaking: #B3346C Thinking: #8B0C44
Beacon Professor: Titania Printemps ~ Assistant Headmistress of Beacon Academy
Speaking: #4AA02C Thinking: #E55B3C