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Prometheus [Frozen]
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Research Programs: Prometheus non-wireless data servers store every formula and calculation known to man, which researchers are constantly developing more. The servers also include data on things such as materials and all known properties as variables. Any information added is double-checked by higher-ups. Computers used by other researchers are only one way and request information needed from the servers.

Braille Scrolls:

Smart Watering Systems: Analyzes things such as temperature, moisture, and weather and calculates precise amount of water for optimal watering of sprinkler systems. Now found in more than 80% of houses in Vale.

Fire-Extinguishing Grenades: Prometheus bought the patent and rights to develop fire-extinguishing grenades.

Thermal Imaging Firefighter Helmets: Prometheus bought the patent and rights to develop thermal imaging firefighter helmets.

Robotic Surgery:

Aura Authentication:

Medical Operations Shuttle: Operating Room inside a Bullhead

Psyclone Medical Drones: Trauma surgeons on the spot

Tik-Toks: Tik-Toks are the bipedal mechanical soldiers designed with the belief that killing machines should be kept separate from being human-like unlike Atlas. As such, they are more powerful but also more intimidating. Each possesses four arms rather than two and are even more capable at coordinating them, every single one holding a mass-produced weapon that can shift between gun and sword that are sheathed in their elbows when not in use. When needing to attack an enemy behind them, Tik-Toks are also able to rotate the middle section of their body with the bottom pair of arms attached around. As such, they have two faces, one in front and one in the back of its head, both covered with the porcelain masks displaying comedy and tragedy, except instead of eyes are gaping holes in the center with a 360 degree camera. Tik-Toks are also built to be faster, though sacrificing armor. The entirety of Tik-Toks are covered in yellowish metallic or silver paint save for the masks, which are glistening white. When not in combat, Tik-Toks are stored into solar-charging pods that are retracted into the ground, each with a capacity of 8.

Omni-Directional Hovering Point Defense Cannon: When deactivated, these cannons resemble large 3 meter diameter balls. When activated, they hover about 8 meters into the air using plasma actuators and open up, with 2 smaller cannons on each side and two larger ones in the middle. They are capable of rotating in every direction to fire at anything. The center two cannons fire out 2 second high-powered beams with about three quarters the power of an Atlesian Carrier and a recharge time of 8 seconds while the side cannons are as powerful as standard energy rifles held by Atlesian knights, albeit being fully-automatic, each firing about 5 rounds per second and having a way higher ammunition capacity.
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Dawnbringer: Built to provide forces with a source of light during night-time combat, the Dawnbringer is essentially a large cannon loaded with extremely powerful flare rounds that can act as an artificial sun, similar to the one on the desert stage at Amity Colosseum.
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Re: Prometheus |WIP|
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2016, 09:44:46 PM »
Per a DM Discussion between us on IRC, this Project is now considered Frozen. Moving forward; when your work on Atheos is finished, or I receive further instruction, this project will be unlocked and available for you to update at another time.