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Forrest Fluss
« on: September 28, 2016, 10:13:58 PM »

Name: Forrest Fluss

Age: 17, Born Arashi 23, 63 AC

Species and Gender: Male Human

Symbol: A dark green Circle and within the circle is the silhouette of a tree. The tree has been chopped by an ax and there's a sideways V cut out of the trunk.

Occupation: First Year Beacon Academy Student

Appearance: Forrest has dark green hair that's spiked up in the front. His eyes are an almond brown and take the shape of looking well rested. He has a thick brow and barely enough facial hair to constitute a full beard. He Is 5'10" (178 cm) and Weighs about 190 pounds, consisting mostly of muscle mass. He wears a a rugged Green Flannel that has brown and blue stripes, and over top he has a dark teal vest. he wears an old pair of Cargo pants and has his feet covered with steel toed boots. He  has a gentle and kind smile, but he has a harsh and cold glare.

History: Forrest hails from the Forest of Forever Fall near Jentai. His Father was a Lumberjack and as he grew up, Forrest thought that it would be wonderful to do the same thing. Forrest had a fairly happy childhood, but being in a fairly remote area of the woods, He missed a lot of official education. He would play most days as a kid, sometimes his did would take him out and teach him different Trade skills. In the evening his mother taught him literacy and math. Many times on the weekend Forrest's father would take him out and train him with his prized lumber ax "abstürzen". At the age 13 Forrest had reached a schooling level that equal of his father, but his mother had more to offer. She was from Vale and she had received a full education.

Within the same year Forrest was taking lessons from is mother. They had just finished their supper, which was fresh salmon caught in a nearby stream. Forrest's father said he had started some work earlier that day and was almost finished. Both Forrest and His mother let the vague description pass and assumed he'd be home soon. They both waited for hours and after the clock had finally struck midnight, The pair became worried. Both quickly dressing up in as warm clothes as they could find in their pitch dark cottage, they set out to find their lost family member. After about half an hour of searching, the two heard the blast of a shotgun and both sprinted to the source. Forrest was shocked to see his father wielding abstürzen and fighting of 3 men dressed in white all adorning masks. Forrest could make out a symbol on the white uniform, some sort of logo. He asked his weeping mother if she knew what it meant and she told him his father was in a lot more trouble then she ever imagined. She told Forrest that that was the White Fang. In grief, she sobbed and collapsed to her knees as both her and Forrest witnessed the man get stabbed in the back and collapse to the ground.

Distraught, Forrest was filled with memories. He remembered how to use abstürzen, he remembered everything his dad had taught him and he believed with his strength, he could stop these thugs. Filled with hope and determination, Forrest sprinted out to the battle field. The tree roots shifted for him as they grabbed the limbs of the faunus. he reached for his Father's ax and with one hearty sweep, he had severely injured the gang. Now, Forrest's mother taught him the cost of taking a life, it was among the lessons he learned along with patience and courage. Forrest released the men and told them to never return.

After the encounter, Forrest and his mother rushed to the side of his father. while choking on blood, the man left his last words. To his wife: "We've raised a fine boy...I love you." To the boy : "You have the skill of a huntsman...Don't get yourself deep with the wrong crowd."
From that day, Forrest swore himself against the White Fang, and always defend innocent or undeserving humans who are being attacked by them. He took abstürzen and for the next few years of his life, he mastered using the powerful weapon. He also mastered his semblance and learned all he could about beacon academy.

When he was 15, him and his mother moved to Vale, which was a big changed for Forrest. He was used to only seeing his parents, his father's co-workers, and the handful of people who lived in the general area of his cabin in Forever Fall. His mother had introduced him to his aunts and uncles at a young age, but relatives rarely wanted to make the trip to a far off cabin. Forrest would continue to train. He couldn't go back to the cabin, because it was too far, but he was able to ride a newly purchased bicycle for about half an hour to the edge of the woods. He met friends in Vale and was able to connect better with the family he knew long ago. He was starting to become happy again, and he could tell his mother was feeling the same effect.

When it finally came time, he took the Beacon Enrollment Exam. He struggled heavily on the Academic Portion, Just barely doing well enough to pass. For sparring, he performed decently. He didn't think he stood out from the group that much at all. On the Live combat test, he started with falling face first onto the ground of the Emerald Forest, not being able to break his fall at all. He struggled to get up, but his hope was stronger than his urge to resign. He got to his feet, and, with so many trees around, he was in his home field. He fought of many grimm, being able to trap them using tree roots and then attacking them with his fathers ax.

He performed well enough to be admitted to beacon and is now humbly a Huntsman in training.

Personality: Forrest remains calm a majority of the time and has a "Go with the flow" personality. He doesn't feel the need to be assertive and knows firsthand the the troubles life bring if you look at it pessimistically. Because of this, he now tries to remain positive about most situations and can see chances of good outcomes in most negative situations. His downfall is how he compares himself to others, and if someone mentions the fact that Forrest isn't as good as his father or even as another beacon student, he's demoralized.

Aura and Semblance: Forrset's Aura has the same common powers as many such as healing small wounds, damage buffer, etc. In situations of great hope and determination, Forrest's Aura can be activated. He gains an ability to control tree roots , although it is physically draining. Often He doesn't reach this point when victory is in sight of him, but rather when he's close to defeat and he refuses to let this happen. He see's a way to win in dark times. The roots can reach about 40 feet maximum from the trunk of the tree being used in Forrest's semblance

Combat Behavior: His fighting style is rash and unplanned. His attacks are often connected to emotions, much like the very first night he picked up abstürzen and fought the White Fang. He makes swing that are unpredictable and strong. This can throw some opponents of guard and swing victory his direction, or it can be accounted for and easily kept under control. Even if his advances are countered he won't stop trying and unless he is exhausted or physically forced down, he will continue.

In the secondary form, Forrest blasts the gun at his foe, trying to get a lot of shots in quickly. He takes a stable stance and rather than going in wildly, he plants his feet and tries to move less. This is certainly his most vulnerable stance. focused on shooting, his mind slips and often forgets about his exposed backside.

In his weapons third form he returns to an aggressive approach. Spinning the weapon from the middle and trying to grind through opponents' defense or to overwhelm them and wear them out. It is slower paced and less reckless than just swinging with the original ax. although he's never been in a situation where he's needed to, Forrest has considered throwing the weapon at opponents in this form, he is willing to try it in desperate situations (as he will try anything). His only reason for not using it normally would be the risk of being without a weapon while he goes and retrieves it.


Name: abstürzen

Primary Form: The form of a Lumber Ax about average in size (starting from the ground, it reaches to about to Forrest's upper thing.) The ax has a sharp Steel Blade that's been alloyed with tungsten and cobalt for maximum durability. The handle is made with a similar material as to avoid it getting destroyed in battle.

Secondary Form: Forrest holds the ax with the very top in his armpit and the butt pointing outward. The ax blade retracts and forms a handle, the butt of the ax extends and forms a shotgun.

Tertiary Form: Forrest can hold the weapon in the middle of the metal handle with the ax blade parallel to the ground and facing towards his body. Another blade slides out of the bottom side of the ax, but this blade faces away from Forrest.

History: abstürzen has been past down father and son for many generation within the Fluss family. Forrest's great x4 Grandfather, Eichel, forged it himself, as he wanted a tool that he could use while working, but also a way to defend himself from grimm. This is all Forrest learned about the weapon before his father died. From that point, Forrest built the weapon's third form with help from a smith in vale, adding his part of a legacy. Forrest move forward with the idea that the ax would never be purposed for cutting lumber again. He would only use it to fight the wrong doings in this world.
Forrest Fluss - A very kind yet awkward Lumberjack


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Re: Forrest Fluss
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