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Ask stuff to my characters or yours truly. I don't judge. Except for all the times I do. Then I judge.

Now that I finally have some real downtime I've been going through the HTDG posts before Diana joined the team in detail, trying to create a mental picture but I've been struggling with the voices should go with each person. So I was wondering how you would describe your characters speech and mannerisms (Rough? musical? Loud? emotionful/less? use of gestures? etc). Obviously I'm most interested in Janna but wouldn't mind hearing about your other characters too.

Feel free to judge this question to your heart's content.

Janna's voice timbre is on the lower end of the spectrum, just above being a contralto if we're talking in terms of singing voices. She delivers her lines with confidence, rarely faltering or stumbling with her words. Janna doesn't tend to use any gestures when she speaks, as she's used to wearing her bulky, heavy armor, which makes such gesturing a challenge.

Razzy's voice, like it says in his profile, is high-pitched and girlish. I actually now have a pretty good idea for how he sounds thanks to Shuri-kun from Masamune-kun no revenge. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6Xi_04iNQE An example. It works well, considering he's voiced by a female VA.) He uses a lot of gesturing unconsciously, making excited little hand movements, fist pumps, hops on the balls of his feet and so on.

Reginald's voice always has a tinge of arrogance and a feeling of superiority to it, even when he's angered or shocked. For the 'base' of his voice I sort of imagine Trevor from AH, but more snooty and posh sounding. Same tembre though. His mannerisms all point to him imagining himself as the center of everyone's attention, usually idly grasping at his vest's collar or puffing out his chest. When he talks about himself in any context - and he does it a lot - he'll always put emphasis on every word referencing himself.

Rufus speaks solely in rap, so he might take a little while longer than most to respond to something as he comes up with a rhyme in his head, though he's quick on his feet and figures something out fast enough. For his voice I imagine something in between Lamar Hall (Specifically in 'Falling towards the sky') and Chip da ripper. He often accentuates his lines by hand movements or by stepping towards his opponent - generally, making aggressive gestures even when they aren't necessarily called for.

Anza speaks in a sort of 'Southern cow-gal' fashion, and, thanks  to basically growing up in two different environments at once, goes between kick-your-ass bravado and a polite, courteous demeanor in an instant. She'll usually express the full spectrum of her emotions on her face, not so much with the rest of her figure.

Silica's got a somewhat dry delivery most of the time. When she talks business, she'll be serious about it, not straying from form. However, during her free time, she'll let go a little, speaking much louder than she would otherwise. Her tone of voice gives away just what she thinks of her conversation partner, something that's rather evident with people such as Reggie.

Awesome, cheers :D

When you're making characters do you actively make ones that draw on some of your own personality traits (or opposite), or emphasize it from the characters point of view?

Generally I don't think about whether a character reflects me personally. Sometimes I'll base a character off of something, such as a design I've seen before (Janna may have accidentally been based on Pharah, for example), a song (Reginald), or, yea, a personality/character I think would be fun to RP (Razzy, Rufus, Silica). Of course, I do put some part of my personality into every character - it's something pretty much every writer does, whether intentionally or not.


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