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Serin Avery WIP
« on: November 21, 2016, 01:21:34 AM »

Name: Serin Avery

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol:  A light blue delta

Occupation: Student at Beacon

Appearance: Serin is a tall guy at 6ft 2in and he comes packed with a lean body. From his arm to his legs he has muscles but not overly so, opting to be defined rather then straight up swole. His abs follow the same thing in that he has the beginnings of a six pack that add to his overall defined look. Moving upwards to his face a noticable feature is his bright blue eyes that make it impossible for him to play power with his friends due to their expressiveness that people good with reading emotions find easy to analyze. His hair is blond and Serin keeps in it short and spiky, and he opts to keep his face clean of facial hair clean shaving it in the morning. Before moving on to clothes there is one thing that is fairly noticeable when not hidden, his right arm is a prosthetic. Its size and shape is looks like a normal arm, but its colored a combination of white and grey with black highlights running throughout. Hidden within are blades that swing out of it, and ontop of the arm there is a groove running the length of the arm for firing arrows.

Serin considers himself a stylish man, with two outfits that he switches between. One is his going out on the town or to classes he wears a blue button up shirt that he tucks into jeans that are purposely worn with holes torn in them. On top of his shirt he wears a grey blazer thats normally kept particlly buttoned up, and his shoes are simple brown loafers that match the color of his belt. When ever Serin needs to fight he has to take off his blazer so that his blades dont cut through it. Even as fashion conscience as Serin is he does have a more casual attire which consist of normal jeans and a blue zip-up hoodie with a plain white shirt underneath. Regardless of what he is wearing he is fairly conscience of his robot arm and tries to  hide it by wearing long sleeves and hiding his hand in the pockets of his clothes or by wearing gloves when its possible.

History: Serin was born into a upper-class family at Atlas, both of his parents were previously high-ranking military officals who after their retirment managed to receive good high paying jobs due to their contacts. He was born without a right arm as a birth defect and for most of his life used a simple protesthic that had limited control and mobility, but was much cheaper to buy larger sizes as he grew up. For most of his life his parents encouraged him to constant try new things(mainly sports) and as a result he was almost always running around and exercising. He was never particularly great at any sport especially but he was always good at being a support and being the link between good players. Creating a opening in soccer to shoot or being a link between two players.

When Serin was about 10 when he began figuring out what he wanted to do. At first he wanted to work i the military and follow his parents but they banned him from doing so because they experience a near death experience that they were lucky to escape from. So he put his efforts into learning mechanics instead, but it never caught his attention like the military did. Serin very quickly discovered that he enjoyed making and designing weapons and before long made something for himself with the help of his mentor, a prototype of his Occam's Razor. The more he built on it and refined it the more he practiced with it, and over the course of a year each practice session fanned the flames for his passion of fighting. His parents were not ignorant of this but at the same time they hoped that it would go away. As his 11th birthday approached it became increasingly clear that his future was in combat.

After many nights of arguing Serins parents decided that while he wasn't allowed to join the military he would be allowed to become a huntsmen if he could pass the school, and with that he began training. Each step along the way his parents disapproved, from his training in school to being accepted into Beacon they were always on his back about maybe changing what he wants to be. After being allowed to become a huntsmen Serin more or less stopped training and learning how to build stuff with the exception being on his arm. It accelerated when on his 15th birthday he received his final arm, the one that he would use for the rest of his life. He is constantly modifying it to make the blade come out faster or to shoot the bow farther.

Personality: Serin personality changes depending on the people he's around but it's one or the other, when around people of authority Serin takes on a very compliant personality that has problems fighting against authority unless it's something he believes very strongly in. Like this is the sit straight up and listen mode that he is general in during classes and when talking to teachers regardless of setting. When in the company of his peers he can be difficult to silence on occasion speaking lots, even if it adds nothing to the conversation and he talks to himself all the time when alone. He loves his friends and wants to be constantly hanging out, even if they just sit in the same room with music on and just studying. Serin can focus in on one thing at a time and sucks at dealing with multiple things at once in a short time frame, if he has time to back up and organize how he's going to tackle the problem he can do a better job at it. Which leads into his organization, Serin can be a bit of organizationa freak wanting everything to be in its place all the time and hates it when peoples put stuff where they don't belong.

0Aura and Semblance: His aura is a aqua blue color. His semblance is called decoy, it creates several decoys of Serin that puppet him making it difficult to tell which one is the real him. The puppets looks solid but have no physical properties and everything goes through them. Each puppet that is summoned uses up more energy,  a minute reduce for each puppet summed and one puppet lasts ten minutes before disappearing. If the puppets are summed onto uneven ground(so if Serin is on a tall pillar) the puppets will appear on the ground and will move up and down the slope/stairs accordingly. Serin can take control of one or several puppets and move them around differently from the rest, however his body(and the rest of the puppets)stand still.. Each puppet can also speak amplifying his voice and distracting the Grim.

Combat Behavior: In combat scenarios Serin is more of a support, keeping the Grim distracted and disorientated throughout the fight, taking their attention off of his team mates and onto him, or pulling its attention away. When fighting a pack of Grim he does the same purpose distracting the Grim and running around so that less of them attack his team mates. While distracting the Grim he may attack fiercely and briefly before pulling back again, damaging the Grim. By himself he follows the same style of quickly attacking, getting a few quick strikes in before backing up again to reassess his situation.


Name: Occams Razer

Primary Form: A blade extending from his arm composed of two blades in a triangle, the sharp part of the blade is painted with a electric blue that make it seem to glow with a slight light. When not in use on his right arm the two parts of the blade pivots backwards and retract into slots on his arm. On the left arm he has a brace that mimics his right arm, the blades retract back into a small protective crevices so that it doesn't hurt Serin by accident.

Secondary Form: On his right arm the blades have the ability to stop part way between his arm and being blade so that are in a line, like this it can be used as a crossbow that shoots bolts that create lots of smoke, glitter, and a loud bang on impact. It can be used to blind Grim by covering their face in smoke and blinding them with the flash of light that accompanies its explosion. These bolts don't do very much damage and if he wants to use his crossbow offensively he has to use normal crossbow bolts which have an effective range of 60 meters to penetrate flesh, and in order to penetrate armor he has to be within 20 or less meters.

Dust Functions: Dust can be inserted into his arm and used to power up his blade, each dust changes the power of the edge of the blade. So fire causes the blade to become very hot, lighting electrifies it, and gravity dust pushes back enemies when he hits them with the blade.

History: Serin created the first version of Occam's Razor when he was learning how to build weapons, and built upon it over time, his mentor helped him make and refine the blade constantly citing Occam's Razor as a rule for the internal mechanisms. After Serin left his mentor for learning combat he kept making it better and eventually named it Occam's Razor so that he never forgets his old mentor.
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