Author Topic: Scarlett/Corinth,Korynn,etc. Briggart/Topaz (In the works)  (Read 2900 times)


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Scarlett/Corinth,Korynn,etc. Briggart/Topaz (In the works)
« on: November 22, 2016, 01:02:39 PM »
Again, mostly got her figured out. However, plan's for her to come from Islium, so she'll probably be an empty shell for a while until I finish actually writing up the damn thing, submit it and somehow don't make another series of ludicrous blunders like only I can, ending with an approval (insane, I know).


Name: Scarlett/Corinth,Korynn,etc. Briggart/Topaz(subject to change)

Age: 16 or 17

Species and Gender: FF

Symbol:  Dunno. Maybe a modified version of Islium's emblem?

Occupation: BSFY

Appearance: Basically an anime character but with normal-looking features. Well, except hair and eye color.

History: Grown and raised in Islium.

Personality: Unbelievably strong-minded. Extremely rational. Fails at most social-related tasks.

Aura and Semblance: Attribute-boosting thingamajig. The hotter she burns, the faster she falls. Not unlocked/discovered. Can be aimed at a specific set of attributes by applying Dust.

Combat Behavior:  Mainly long-range training but with significant close-range added, can hold her own with her second weapon at as well as in melee. Added a dash of Simo Häyhä.



Primary Form: Sniper

Secondary Form: Bigger sniper

Dust Functions: Fuel/Energy source, shell payload (optional)

History: Made it herself

Name: Triskelion

Primary Form: Funky rapier

Dust Functions: Fuel/Energy source ('battery')

History: Made it herself
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