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Ramad An-Nar
« on: November 22, 2016, 07:08:45 PM »

Name: Ramad An-Nar [Ru-mod Uhn-Nar]

Age: 19

Species and Gender: Male Faunus-Desert Hare

Symbol: Golden yellow oil lamp

Occupation: Beacon Student/ Literal Bastard

Appearance: Sample Text

History: Son of high ranking human, had an affair that resulted in him, his semblance is hereditary in their family making it impossible to claim he isn't his, sent to Beacon to "Improve relations within Vale," obvious attempt to get him away from rest of family. Need to watch Fking World of remnant shit to figure out where from. Planned around arabic styled background if possible.

The An-Nar family has always been a prominent figure within Vacuo, dating back to when the country had still been able to avoid the covetous gaze of it's neighbors. Throughout history they have always been on top, earliest records linking them back to a small village's cheif, in the days of a separated but amicable Vacuo. As the kingdoms started taking they're own swipes at Vacuo, the An-Nar, rather than fight the obviously superior military might of these interlopers, were savvy enough to prove invaluable too any forces that may come through, providing them intel, supplies, and other such amenities, whilst making a contract with each declaring the city the An-Nars called their home nuetral territory as it were

Personality: Cocky, confident, persona crafted due to early familial abuse over his "mistake" status. Tend's to get fidgety when bored. Perfectionist, agonizing over small mistakes and will often train to a dangerous degree to remove errors, though will do so away from others. Extrovert, enjoys going out, being around people, and craves to let people know he is there.

Aura and Semblance:


-Type: Conjuration

-Purpose: Utility (The effect is neutral, neither offensive nor defensive. However, with enough creativity they can be used as such)

-Short description: Allows Ramad to create a large aural construct of the upper torso of a man, mid section and below trialing away. Can be controlled to fight alongside him in battle.

image: ShowHide

-Activation Cue: (how would you be able to tell the semblance is being used if it appeared on the show. examples being Yang's hair igniting, or Emerald's metallic screech)

-Range: Medium for about throwing distance

-General limitations: Can only be summoned 9 minutes a day, up to 3 minutes when called, and can only travel up to medium distance from user.

-Passive ability(s) (if any):  Maintains ability to telepathically command it, as well as be aware of it's surrondings.

-Dust interaction (insert dust type here): Can be imbued with one of 4 elements when summoned from dust thrower

-Notes: Any damage it takes its taken from users aura,  albeit at a quarter of the original amount. Passed down family line.

Combat Behavior:  Sample Text

Notes: Based upon an amalgamation of characters in 1001 Arabian nights


Name: Hamia [Ha-me-ah]

Primary Form: A large Scimitar that hangs from Ramad's back most times, the blade being approxiametly 3/4 his hieght. Being a traditional scimitar, there are very few modifications to the weapon from it's original form, though the blade is polished to a silvery sheen. One of the few changes is a series of furrows along the sword, seemingly decorative carvings, shapes flowing from one into another. The hilt is wrapped in a deep rich scarlet cloth of silk, with the hand gaurd and pommel sporting a golden plating, with a rich deep ruby the size of a childs fist embedded in either side of the pommel. The sheath is wrapped in a deep blue reptilian skin.

Dust Functions: While none inherently, should his construct be imbued with an element through his foci, the Djinn can wield the scimitar wreathed in the coinciding element, seen running through the decorative carvings in the blade

History: A blade Ramad had commissoned as he had trained with his semblance, finding that he needed a blade both fit for his guardian, as well as one that could withstand the rigors of battle without the protection of aura, as the Djinn could not project aura onto a weapon it weilds.

Note: While probably obvious from it's description, Ramad hardly ever uses this weapon, the large piece of metal being clunky and unweildy for his slight frame. It purpose is to be weilded by his construct.


Name: Tabaqatan [Tah-bah-ka-tan]

Primary Form: A small golden lamp, intricately inlaid with various engravings, it's base acts as a magazine holding 3 uses of elemental dusts.

Dust Functions: Can be used to make a 30 foot cone of dust extending and spreading from it's head, spraying out one of 4 elements, Fire, Ice, Wind, and Lightning. However it's main pourpese is to be a semblance foci, using the lamp to imbue his construct with whichever element he uses within it.

History: This is a device anyone of the An-Nar family gains once their semblance manifests, having been crafted to make their protecters all the more able to protect their charges.
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