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Ketten Anam WiP comments welcome
« on: November 22, 2016, 10:27:59 PM »

Name: Ketten Anam

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Snow Leopard Faunus, Female

Symbol:  three chain links connecting kamas that are touching at the end

Occupation: first year student at Beacon Academy

Appearance: Ketten is 4'10" and 115 lbs. her eyes are a "ghostly" ethereal green. she wears a trenchcoat and a mask (not a white-fang style mask, more like a kabuki mask). Her faunus trait is a somewhat poofy snow leopard tail.

History: she grew up in Atlas with a pretty comfy life. A few Grimm attacks here and there but nothing civilization-threatening. She actually enjoyed those few Grimm attacks once she came of fighting age. One day she got a little preoccupied with the Beowulf she was "playing with" and got set upon by the rest of its pack. After she was saved from near death by a close friend she left Atlas, covering her face with a mask and her scarred body with a trenchcoat.

Personality: Ketten is rather quiet and prefers her actions to speak for her. She hates it when people bring up her height or make "cute" nicknames for her. She tries not to let anyone close enough to hurt her again.

Aura and Semblance: Aura Color: light green. Semblance: she can create chains out of aura. She must stay in contact with the chains to keep them corporeal. She can channel aura through the chains. Her chains do not take much concentration at short lengths (up to about 50 feet). Each chain costs about 5% of her stamina per minute as well as 5% stamina to summon them.

Combat Behavior:  Ketten's fighting style is similar to Emerald's (from canon) mostly using her weapons attached to her semblance as medium range slashing weapons. She will also wrap her chains around her enemies to immobilize them and/or pull them in to fire on them at close range.


Name: Death Sentence

Primary Form: Dual Magnums

Secondary Form: Dual Kamas

Tertiary Form:

Dust Functions: dust ammunition that applies to the bullets

History: Death Sentence was built over the course of Ketten's schooling in Atlas' pre-Huntsman academy (Atlas equivalent of Signal academy)
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