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Gwylan Anwen
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Gwylan Anwen


Species and Gender:
Human Male

A teal trident trapped in a navy bubble.

First Year Beacon Student

Gwylan stands at 6'1 and weighs 200lbs of lean muscle that he got from spending his youth swimming, working or training. He has short, spiky navy hair with a longer ponytail that falls to his shoulder blades and is dyed teal. Gwylan's eyes are a turquoise colour, and his skin has a golden tan. His face is angular but handsome, and his nose is bent slightly to his left.

During combat, Gwylan wears a leather cuirass, greaves and bracers, all coloured ultramarine. The cuirass has a holster for his trident on the back. This is over a teal t-shirt and black trousers. To finish off his outfit, Gwylan wears black fingerless gloves and navy shoes. When not in combat, Gwylan ditches the armour. 

Gwylan was born in a medium sized fishing village a dozen or so miles away from Vale, close enough to receive support if it needed it and to supply Vale with seafood. His youth was pretty simplistic, working with his father and uncles on their fishing boat when he grew old enough, and spending the time he wasn't either playing with his friends or helping his mother and elder sister with whatever tasks they had to do. A happy, peaceful childhood.

In the village, it was tradition for anyone able to be taught the basics of combat. Nothing too serious, they weren't trying to create an army, but instead make sure everyone had a passable chance of surviving any Grimm incursions. To ensure this, the village actively encouraged any retired huntsmen to move there, providing housing and pay in return for their training. Due to low huntsman life expectancy, there was only one huntsman in the village when Gwylan came of age to begin his training. There, he excelled, showing a surprising grasp of the basics of combat, when compared to those of his age group anyway.

This was Gwylan's life in the nutshell. The only truly memorable moment was when a pair of active huntresses passed through on their way to deal with some Grimm further down the coast. They required a place to use as a base of operations, and the village was happy to provide. Gwylan was awestruck by the pair and how they had dedicated their lives to aiding others, and it inspired him to do the same. He focused harder on training himself, taking every free moment to make himself stronger. Eventually, he made his way to Beacon to take the entrance exam, which he passed with more than adequate marks. He didn't stand out as a prodigy, but he was good enough.

Gwylan is an agreeable youth with a playful attitude and carefree outlook on life in and out of combat. He presents himself as a brave and likeable young man, a valiant sort of fellow that people like because he's seen as a good person who does kind things for others without hesitation. Gwylan doesn't do formal respect or situations very well, being overtly casual towards everyone despite their station, and he takes a very dim view of people who try to impose their rule on those who do not wish for it, having a negative view on companies that use Faunas for cheap labour.

However, he is a proud warrior, someone who can't abandon a fight just because he's losing an he's ready to fight until the end, if that's what life has in store for him. Gwylan never refuses a challenge to fight, which he believes is one of the best ways to get to know someone. His pride does tend to get him into trouble though, often due to him getting into situations he's not prepared for, just so he can keep face.

His hobbies include fishing, swimming and wandering new places, while also having a small love for reading fiction.

Aura and Semblance:
Aura Colour.

Gwylan's semblance allows his to move through water without having to move his body. Effectively, the water pushes him around in whatever direction he has to go. Gwylan can sustain this for up to 5 minutes, but usually until he runs out of breath.

Combat Behavior:
Gwylan is a offensive combatant, focusing on pressuring his opponent with a continuous barrage of strikes while using his weapons reach to keep himself safe from any reprisals. His style involves sweeps using the bladed edges of the tridents outer prongs until he can find an opening, which he'll attempt to capitalise on with a flurry of stabs. While not fond of it, Gwylan can fight defensibly, but his impatience tends to force him to try to take control of the pace of a fight pretty quickly. However, due to it's size and weight, Gwylan has trouble engaging opponents who use lighter weapons, such as daggers, and he has no ranged options bar throwing his Irvine, which he is loath to do.



Primary Form:
A 5 and two fifths feet long trident, made of a shining teal coloured steel with the prongs and base coloured silver, and the shaft has a several cord wrapped grips for Gwylan to use. In the centre there is a switch the collapses the shaft, making it easier to carry around.

Irvine was the weapon Gwylan's great-grandfather had wielded when he was a huntsman. Upon his death, it was returned to his family by a close friend, and was kept in the attic gathering dust until Gwylan's mother gave it to him a few weeks before his entrance exam. He painted the trident teal when he received it, but kept the original silver in places to honour his family.