Author Topic: Clothes make the Huntress [VLPS]  (Read 3259 times)


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Re: Clothes make the Huntress [VLPS]
« Reply #30 on: May 16, 2017, 04:38:11 PM »
"Strange? Patchouli giggled softly. "Vidi, there's not one person at Shade who isn't 'strange' in one way or another. You can't expect to get along with everyone day one. I... think we just need a chance to adapt to each other's quirks, you know?" At least that's how these things seemed to play out in books and movies. But if that's all she had to go on, should she really be trying to give advice?

Realizing she wasn't doing what she had technically come to do, Patchouli quickly started shuffling through various random articles of clothing, feigning interest as her face turned faintly red. It only got redder as she found herself holding the gaudiest and frilliest dress she had ever seen. What is this place, the morgue of all good taste?!
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Hagane Inaba- Can melt steel beams. Leader of team HTDG
Mint Fresch- A chipper gale.
Persimmon Burhan- A douche.
Carnation Prescott- Get it, CAREa? Sorry.
Lissa Lime- Beacon's spinning top
Jacob Stillwater- Nailed it

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Patchouli Breschi- First year at Shade. Don't let her penetrate you.
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