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Template Update
« on: April 20, 2017, 09:12:59 PM »
The template is receiving its Refresh! The staff has already done one pass over it and discussed various aspects. Some changes have already been implemented. The goal is to update any old information while removing unneeded data. Upcoming will be a second pass over the whole template to make it more easy to find relevant information. Keywords will be colored, data will be better organized, and the like.

The end goal for the template will be that it is the rubric in which we review characters. We are looking for things to add to the template to answer questions people may have about characters. If you have a question about making a character or a suggestion about something that should be added to the template, please post here or message me in Discord!

Example questions: How many forms can my weapon have? How many traits can my faunus character have?

The latter of these two questions has been answered by the template as of today(it was an unwritten rule, basically.) We want to make any unwritten rules we have about approvals to become written, so that everyone can be aware of the nuances many of our reviewers have developed over time. Ask away!
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