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Chiu Fei Hung
« on: October 16, 2016, 08:53:19 AM »

Name: Chiu Fei Hung

Age: 17 (18th of Saaral)

Species and Gender: Human Female

Symbol: Blue Lotus

Occupation: 1st year Beacon Student

Appearance: Chiu

Moderately tall at 5í10Ē(178cm) with an athletic build and broad shoulders. large blue eyes and a small round nose sit atop an oval shaped face framed by dark black hair cut in a shoulder length bob. Due to the need to wear sunglasses in combat, Chiu is rarely seen without a pair. Regardless of location or time of day.

Chiuís styling choice tend towards various short sleeve, or sleeveless, tops under a dark track jacket and jeans. Her typical casual outfit consists of a white sleeveless tee under a black jacket with red stripes at the sleeves. The collar, hem, and cuffs are a solid patch of red, and her emblem is embroidered over the left breast. With this, she also wears a pair of tattered blue jeans and short top sneakers in blue.

Chiu also possesses several tees from a line of designs that feature cartoon parodies of grimm, typically the severed heads, and funny phrases. These tend to be her favorite items of clothing and while she does possess duplicates she does not like wearing them under her armor, just in case.

History: Chiu was born into a notable family within Foshan, a small village in western Tempest. Closed off and isolated few people would be aware of Foshan as anything more than one of the countless other tried and failed bastions of civilization that had been attempted outside the borders of the various kingdoms. However, this village of a dozen or so families is also home to a pseudo military sect that has trained to eliminate the creatures of grimm for as long as anyone can remember.

Like nearly everyone else born into the village, Chiu has trained in the various aspects of hunting from a very young age. Though, because of the isolated nature of the village, dust is a rare commodity and is a subject Chiu is not well versed in. Itís use reserved for only the most experienced hunters and in only the most dire situations.

By the age of 14, a full year later than the traditional age, Chiu had demonstrated enough skill to be allowed to accompany hunting groups when they traveled outside the compound walls. She took to the position well, quickly earning a reputation for her skill in combat as well as an eagerness to learn. Both of these could be traced to the presence of the girlís older half-brother. One Ce Lam Hung. Six years her senior, Ce was a skilled and accomplished hunter by the time Chiu had been allowed to further her training, and was just as eager to teach his baby sister as she was to learn from him. 

For two years Chiu trained and worked under her brother. As close as the siblings were, they demonstrated an almost psychic connection when they fought alongside each other. Able to react to the otherís actions and setup openings without a single word spoken. Eventually the pair earned a reputation as miracle siblings. A sign that future generations of hunters from Foshan would be legendary warriors.

Tragedy struck, however, a few months after Chiuís 16th birthday. Whilst out on a hunt, tracking a pack Beowolves that had been probing Foshanís borders, Chiuís party was ambushed by a King Taijitu. After a long and hard battle that saw every member of the team wounded to some degree, the grimm lay dead. However, one of the two heads had managed to sink itís fangs into Ceís side shortly after the hunterís aura had been all but depleted. The wounds soon began to fester as some kind of venom or corruption was draining Ceís aura faster than his body could restore it, preventing the aura from healing the deep punctures.

Giving up the hunt, the group quickly brought Ce back to Foshan and into the compounds medical center. Despite using all the medical knowledge at the villageís disposal, they were unable to restore even a fragment of the hunterís once abundant aura. Ce languished for several days, Chiu ever at his side. His parents there nearly as often. Death was always a conscious concern in Foshan. While it was not an everyday occurrence for a hunter to fall in battle, it was something the population kept well in mind. But this was different, for one so promising to not only fall at a young age and refused a clean deathÖ this was not something easily accepted.

Grimm incursions seemed to skyrocket in the wake of Ceís wounding, drawn to the village by the concentration of negative emotions there. Ce finally succumbed to his wounds nine days after the failed hunt, but not before he was able to speak to his sister one last time. Fearing for Chiuís safety, he asked her to give up her training a live a normal life. One away from the dangers that had ended his own life.

Unable to refuse her brother, Chiu agreed, but secretly struggled with the idea. He was asking her to give up everything she had ever known. Yes there were risks, that fact was clearer now than it ever had been before, but those risks would always be taken. If not by her, then by someone else. She could not ask someone else to take those risks for her when she had the strength to shoulder them herself.

A couple days after Ceís burial, Chiu came up with a compromise of sorts. Ce had wanted her to experience a normal life, Chiu wanted her training to mean something. To that end Chiu asked for, and was given, permission to test into one of the four kingdomís advanced combat schools. Haven in Mistral seemed the obvious choice, yet something made Haven not seem like a fitting choice. Haven was too close to home. Too easily discarded if things got difficult. Vale would be the better option. Attending Beacon would allow her to experience more of the world without the safety net of home to fall back on, yet still allow her to continue her training.

Months passed and Chiu eventually found herself within the kingdom of Vale, just outside the gates of Beacon academy. Having not attended any of the primary combat schools, let alone one of the ones in Vale, Chiu was required to pass a series of qualification tests in order to attend classes. When the designated time came, Chiu found the exams to be much more difficult than she had expected. Most of all, the knowledge test. Even the practical combat exam was a struggle at times. Chiuís mind still had not fully recovered from her recent loss.


Personality: Chiuís basic personality is one that often seems at odds with itself. On the one hand, she understands the necessity of training the young to fight so that they can risk their lives for ďthe greater good.Ē Yet, on the other, she wants to fulfill her brotherís final wish and live the life of a normal teenaged girl. This makes her something of a socially awkward introvert, as she finds herself focusing on her training and struggling to overcome cultural and social differences she does not quite understand

Due to the, relatively, limited nature of her early social life; Chiu, like any developing teen, struggles to understand her place in life. An issue exacerbated by Vale and, to a lesser degree, Beacon academyís lack of a clear social hierarchy that was so prevalent in Foshan. There, a personís standing was defined by their martial rank. Everyone knew their place and the place of everyone around them. Here, oneís standing was something as vague and fleeting as wind, if it existed at all. It is an idea Chiu often finds herself in odds with.

Another aspect of her native culture Chiu often finds clashing with the Valish mentalities is the concept of open and casual physical relationships. Due to Foshanís smaller population and constant need to raise and train future hunters without causing a bloodline to become stagnate, emotional connections are the driving force behind a family structure while sex and reproduction are seen as something utilitarian in nature. One could, and often would, find themselves in bed with a random partner one moment, yet return home to their spouse later in the day to find them midcoitus and have no negative emotions arise from said events. By anyone involved.

Chiu tries to keep the, relatively, prudish Valish nature in mind, but it is not uncommon for her to forget that casual sex is not an acceptable way to alleviate boredom while she is attending Beacon. At least, outside her dorm room.

Aura and Semblance: Chiuís semblance is known as radiance. By focusing her aura on a single point an inch or two from her body, Chiu forms a ball of light that, when detonated, releases a bright flash of light. Chiuís favored way of employing Radiance is to charge at her enemy and direct the ball over her right palm, extending her arm out towards her target, and using the back of that hand to help shield her vision from some of the flash. Her sunglasses also help to protect her vision, but neither method completely protects her from the more powerful blasts. To counter this Chiu rarely uses stronger burst from the front, and briefly closes her eyes when she has to use them.

Given enough time to charge, and enough aura to power the charge, Chiu is able charge her entire aura field and detonate a full body Radiance. This method is highly dangerous, however, as it can not only blind both her enemies and herself, but can also blind her allies if they are close enough and do not take adequate precautions.

Theoretically Radiance would be subject to dust augmentation via catalyst foci. However, as doing so would take away from the religious symbolism a light based semblance uses, Chiu does not do so since the book of light is not exactly clear on such things.

Combat Behavior: A mix of Baguazhan and Wing Chun, Chiuís fighting style is an aggressive, multi directional, style that focuses on speed over raw power. Multi-directional does not mean she is capable of attacking from multiple places at once, but attacking to multiple places at once. For instance, instead of just striking towards an opponentís head from the right, Chiu is more likely to accompany that strike with a low angled kick from the left or target the head, chest, and legs in quick succession. Because of her focus on speed over power, Chiu suffers from a lack of pure physical strength.

Having grown used to a partner who could react to her, and augment her abilities without needing her to do anything, Chiu tends to assume her teammates will do things without her needing to tell them what needs to be done. This can prove dangerous to both them and herself as they can be in a position she does not expect when she attacks, or she can leave an opening she does not know they canít cover. 


Name: Lianou

Primary Form: A double headed crescent blade spearhead 1 foot(30cm)in length topping a thick wooden shaft measuring 6í3Ē(185cm)long, giving the weapon a total length of 7í3Ē(215cm). A rotating dust chamber is located within the shaft, allowing Chiu to select any number of loaded dust cartridges in order to augment the spear with the associated dust effect.

Secondary Form: In Lianouís secondary form, the head detaches from the shaft, but remains connected via a 2í(69cm) long flexible section of braided metal chain. In this form, Lianou is more similar in function to a long two-handed flail than a spear, but is better suited for crowd control over the spear form

History: Lianou is the latest incarnation of various weapons Chiu has adopted or crafted over the years. This particular version was created by her father shortly after her decision to attend classes at Beacon rather than Haven.

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Re: Chiu Fei Hung
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Wincest 2.0 when?

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Re: Chiu Fei Hung
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