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Shade Wynter
« on: November 27, 2016, 02:19:30 PM »

Name: Shade Wynter

Age: 18 years old Frost 14th, 62 AC

Species and Gender: Human Female

Symbol: Gun metal gray bionic eye with a dark purple glint in the pupil.

Occupation: First year student at Beacon Academy.

Appearance: Standing at just barely 5 feet tall and a slim build, Shade is by all means a petite girl. She has medium length ash grey hair that has long side swept bangs the cover burns that extend down the right side of her face and neck. She has a grey bionic eye as her right eye and her left eye is purple. She has small features with a high nose and thin lips. These features are usually covered by her signature grey cape lined with purple fur. When not wearing the cloak, one can see soft ink-like fabric clothes tattered at the ends and the weathered dark purple leather armor pieces placed over critical points. As a sniper she has trained herself to be quiet and graceful in her movements. Many in a room wouldn’t notice her unless they look or she approaches them. She has the habit of floating through a room without much of a sound.

History: Born and raised in a wealthy family in the great kingdom of Atlas, Shade was always spoiled. She was an only child, her parents too busy with work to think about another child after the first one. Her father was a Huntsman in the Atlas military while her mother worked developing new types of technology. Shortly before her 10th birthday, her family was on a trip to Vale. Almost to Vale, the ship they were on was assaulted by bandits. During the chaos, she was subjected to severe burns caused by some Dust being ignited onboard. Her family cast off the ship, washed up on the shores alone far from civilization. Surviving on barely what they had available to them, Shade watched her mother fade from existence. Shortly after burying her own mother, a group of Beowolfs attacked them. Fending off the pack for as long as possible from harming his only child, her father sacrificed his life to allow Shade to run as far as she could. Eventually, she tired and collapsed in the woods outside of Vale. Awaken by the noises of Grimm, she was nearly attacked before a lone Huntsman rescued her. The huntsman name was Sage Fellworth and after bringing her to safety within the walls of Vale adopted her and raised her to be a strong fighter. She obsessed with using long range weaponry and grew up known for her aim thanks to the bionic eye she had to replace her injured one from the assault on the boat. She aspired to attend Beacon Academy to become a Huntress and protect those that needed protection and exact revenge on those that had taken her family from her. During her time at Signal Academy, Sage went off on a mission never returning. Despite being wrought with depression over the loss of another father figure she continued on with a burning desire to find him or find closure.

Personality: Shade is an introvert, wanting to be in the back of the room, out of everyone’s mind. But when she is focused on a task she forgets about everyone else. After losing her family she finds it hard to get close to anyone. She fears to lose them and so chooses to keep people at a safe distance. But if one gets to know her, she will talk more comfortably with them. During combat, she seems to go silent but will bark out orders when necessary. To others, she shows little emotion unless she breaks composure either thinking no one is around or the situation is too much for her to handle.

Aura and Semblance: Her aura is a dark purple color. The semblance is called cloak. It creates a hard to see visual distortion around her, around an object of her choice or as a wall making it near impossible to see unless you look closely or during movement it shimmers in the sunlight. The distortion creates a visual effect much like a quartz crystal making it appear like a broken image of what is behind the distortion. The distortion, when applied to herself, can last up to 15 minutes as long as she stays still and calm. If she starts moving its timespan shortens to 2 minutes if she keeps focused. If she loses focus on projecting it the cloak will start to flicker out and completely disappear in a few seconds. When projecting it for an object or others she can only hold it up for at most a minute. To rest for another period of using the cloak she must wait double the time she used it, so for 15 minutes she must wait half an hour.

Combat Behavior: During combat, Shade’s primary role is to stay at a distance and assist her teammates by taking down enemies using her long ranged rifle. During her long ranged engagements if needed, she can deploy a grappling hook from the end of her rifle to swing to new locations. If the enemy is too close for her to effectively use her rifle she will detach the rifle into two swords. Her primary tactic is to attack the enemy, hide and disorient them with small attacks disappearing into the shadows after each strike using her semblance to mask her location. If alone, she will set up a trap for the enemies to walk into and ambush them with disorienting explosive rounds while moving in quickly for the kill up close.


Name: Frostbite

Primary Form: A bolt action sniper rifle with either ballistic or dust rounds. If needed she can fire the muzzle suppressor in the form of a grappling hook to move from one location to another in combat to gain a better vantage point.

Secondary Form: During close combat, Shade can transform the rifle into a one-handed sword. She hides the sword under her cloak when not needed ready to be retrieved in either form.

Dust Functions: Dust rounds can be loaded into the rifle form to create a smoke screen for concealment or blinding explosives to allow her to disorient opponents.

History: Originally forged as a training sword by Sage, Shade found she enjoyed ranged weapons and modified it with help from Sage to function as a sniper rifle. With the many revisions the primary form is now as a rifle but from tradition is kept sheathed as a sword when not needed.
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