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Arturo Chanson
« on: December 05, 2016, 01:13:18 AM »

Name: Arturo Chanson

Age: 46

Species and Gender: Male Caracal Faunus

Symbol:  Sample Text

Occupation: Independent Financial Consultant, Philanthropist, Virtually Retired World-Class Martial Artist, Unofficial Manager for Cheri Chanson, Highly Respected and Outspoken Member of the Faunus Rights Community




Aura and Semblance: When in use, Arturo's outline blurs so heavily his features and overall image become distorted, as if the air itself around him is vibrating.

Combat Behavior: Arturo is about finesse, but strikes like lightning with about the same results.


Name: Father's Little Dividends

Primary Form:

Dust Functions:

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