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(Non-Canon) Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War
« on: December 31, 2016, 12:26:44 PM »
200 years before the events started by Aqua, Terra and Ventus, there was a great war. A war for light and the heart of all worlds itself. Those who were assigned to watch over the heart fought against those who wished to use it for their own deeds. The two sides fought for years until one final battle happened resulting in the death of thousands and the Worlds locking themselves away from others. This is when our story ends. Our story begins 4 years into the war. The Keepers, those who were tasked with protecting the heart, have been struggling to fend of the Seekers. Aboard the Dreadnought Bahamut, a small force of warriors from the Keepers prepare for a small mission against the Seekers bases across the world.

This is meant to be a darker take on Kingdom Hearts so be prepared for your character to die.
Please leave your interest here in a simple profile.
I'll leave a list of available Keyblades and magic for you to pick along side with your character. You may dual wield if you wish but both keyblades must be the same. Magic is limited to 3 slots on your character. I'll detail out how many slots each level takes or each variation.
I will also ask you which properties, be them the vast one disney own (including marvel and lucasfilm) or the square enix properties, you would wish to have be worlds in this topic.

List of Keyblades available for you to use, minus Ultima weapons

Magic allowed
Stage 1 magic takes up 1 slot, stage 2 take up 2 slots and stage 3 take up 3 slots. Spells such as Magnet and Gravity take up 2 slots while their 2nd and 3rd stages take up 3 slots.

Just leave below a sign up

So like mine.
Name: Aros
Keyblade: Two Become One
Magic: Fira, Cure

Members of Dreadnought Bahamut
1. Aros
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Merletta Yoru: The Shadow Hunter
Liliana Blossom: The Maven of Song (Team REBL)
Lady Blair Valka of Felwinter "The Lady of the North
Alexander Noire