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Non-Canon Star Wars Thread
« on: January 08, 2017, 10:18:42 PM »
So, for anyone that's been in the IRC channel for more than ten minutes, you've probably caught on that I'm a big Star Wars fan. Now, I know on the old board there was another Star Wars thread, one that spiraled out of control, apparently, with Sith and Droids and Smugglers and anachronisms and confusion and whatnot.

Well, I'm gonna give it another shot, just with a bit more structure. I will be making a NEW Star Wars thread. There's some catches here. I like killing characters being a big one. This is a Star Wars thread. In the spirit of the movies and books, I don't expect everyone to make it through this. Everyone's going to make three separate New Republic characters, at minimum, 5 at maximum. Now I know this is a lot of characters for one thread, but I don't expect you to go through the whole creation process as we do on the board. You're welcome to use versions of those characters, if you choose, but with all characters I need the Name, Race, Age, Planet of Origin, and a couple sentences of their history. There'll be a few examples at the bottom here. NO FORCE SENSITIVE CHARACTERS.

Now, when you post, I might message you shortly afterwards saying that your character is dead, in some way, shape, or form. An X-Wing pilot could get shot down by a TIE Interceptor, or a Pathfinder could get enough shrapnel to put him down, or the like. After my message, you get to go back, and edit the circumstances of the characters death, whether they just burn out immediately, like Red Ten, or if they have a couple seconds to scream and fight before expiring. At that point, you're more than welcome to assume the role of the next character in your list, having them drop out of hyperspace as reinforcements, or switching to another squad as support, or something along those lines. I would like a total of six people for this. Some slots are already taken, so post in here and I'll let you know, or keep you in mind as backup if this shit doesn't go completely off the rails. There's going to be a space element, followed by a ground element. One full fighter wing supported by two CR-90 Corvettes. Ranks drawn from the X-Wing Alliance structure for Fighter Pilots, keep it simple for the groundside guys. I'll fill in roles as needed. If you want to make a character, just for shits and giggles, go ahead.

1: Seig
2: Aegis
3: Xarias Fury

Plot details follow from here. If you've got any other questions, message me, or hit me up on the IRC channel.



In the four years since the death of Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, and many of the Empires best and brightest at Endor, the Galaxy has begun changing. Almost immediately afterwards, the Rebel Alliance began pushing the Empire back. Battles continued to rage as Admirals and Moffs tried desperately to grab for power, splintering the Empire into dozens of Warlord led factions. New Republic Military assets have found themselves spread thin during this period of chaos. One particular instance has seen a small section of the First Fleet deployed for an assault on an Imperial Research facility. Discovered while combing records on Coruscant, very little is known about the Facility, Codenamed: Serafall.

Dramatis Personae

Ruby Squadron (12 X-Wings)
Ruby Leader-
Ruby 2-
Ruby 3-
Ruby 4-
Ruby 5-
Ruby 6- Flight Officer Kora Windcloud, Human Female, Hapes (R5-S3 "Bucky")
Ruby 7-
Ruby 8-
Ruby 9- Lieutenant Pieter Tono, Human Male, Taanab (R2-K4)
Ruby 10-
Ruby 11-
Ruby 12-

Guardian Squadron (12 Y-Wings)
Guardian Leader-
Guardian 02-
Guardian 03-
Guardian 04-
Guardian 05- Lieutenant Holm Larkin, Human Male, Commenor (R5-A39P "Scrapper")
Guardian 06- Sergeant Kipling Star, Human Male, Coruscant
Guardian 07-
Guardian 08-
Guardian 09-
Guardian 10- Flight Officer Dim Sola, Duros Male, Duros (R2-A6 "Traveler")
Guardian 11-
Guardian 12-

Icon Squadron (4 X-Wing, 2 B-Wing, 4 A-Wing, 2 U-Wing)
Icon Leader-
Icon 2- Flight Officer Dien Sulla, Twi'lek Female, Ryloth (X-Wing)
Icon 3-
Icon 4-
Icon 5-
Icon 6-
Icon 7-
Icon 8-
Icon 9-
Icon 10-
Icon 11-
Icon 12-

New Republic Intelligence
Colonel Hargrim Tolstec, Female Chagrian, Champala

New Republic Army
Lieutenant Ferrin Torr, Besalisk Male, Ojom
Lieutenant Trip Sammet, Karkarodon Male, Karkaris

New Republic Navy
Captain (Skytoucher)-
Captain (Freedom Ring)-

Colonel Hargrim Tolstec
Female Chagrian from Champala
Intelligence Operative responsible for the discovery of the Intel about Serafall Station. Long serving member of the Alliance sees this as an opportunity to have a role in crafting the NRI.

Lieutenant Ferrin Torr
Male Besalisk from Ojom
Republic Trooper now, Alliance Trooper before, Mercenary before that. Loud, gregarious, prone to bad jokes. Well respected shock trooper with hefty experience in boarding actions.

Lieutenant Holm Larkin
Male Human from Commenor
Previously a Sector News Agency camera newscaster, one too many of his stories had an "anti-Imperial" slant. COMPNOR was concerned enough to send a few agents his way. He was intercepted and picked up by the Alliance shortly before the Battle of Hoth. Still carries a camera around, documenting the lives of the men and women he serves with.
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Re: Non-Canon Star Wars Thread
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2017, 11:46:41 PM »
Flight Officer Dien Sylla - Icon Squadron
Female Twi'lek from Ryloth
Parents having been part of the Ryloth Resistance, Di'en was captured, among many others, and imprisoned with her comrades when the empire overwhelmed their rebel cell. Forced into slavery after attempting to escape several times Di'en was passed on from owner to owner before a serendipitous Republic attack on the planet she was on liberated her after which she enlisted with the group that saved her. Strong, capable, and eager to fight alongside her comrades but hates mentioning her slave days. Decent fighter pilot though still slightly green around the ears when it comes to actual combat experience. May rely on fellow fighters a little too much.

Lt. Trip Sammet - Ground Trooper
Male Karkarodon from Karkaris
Ruffian turned Rebel turned Republic Solider, a lot of R's, been all over the galaxy itching for a fight before signing up as a proper solider. Empire wouldn't exactly hire a shark to be a storm trooper so he opted for the underdogs and enjoyed blasting overly clean looking lookalikes. Violent, always itching for a fight and aggressive in behavior. Sometimes seen crunching on a shell of some sort

Sgt. Kipling Star - Guardian Squadron
Male Human from Coruscant
Was young when the empire first took but managed to flee with his family with a bunch of junk collectors. Learned mechanical know-how from a bunch of old engineers and droids and enlisted with the Republic the first chance he got. A bit of an oddball with grease stained hands and goggles but highly knowledgeable with combat experience as a field engineer and pilot. Prefers bombers.

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Re: Non-Canon Star Wars Thread
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2017, 06:02:19 PM »
Flight Officer Kora Windcloud - Ruby 6
Hapan female from Hapes

A member of the Windcloud noble house of the Hapan Consortium, Kora was assigned to the New Republic military as part of an exchange program with the Hapan Royal Navy. Out to gain prestige for her house, Kora tends to jump into danger feet first. This is tempered, somewhat, by the knowledge that surviving being a war hero is better than not.

R5-S3 "Bucky"

*   *   *

Fight Officer Dim Sola - Guardian 10
Duros male from Duro

A former merchant and family man, Dim's wife and young daughter were killed during the Krytos plague as they were visiting the imperial capital during a trade run. After the truth of the virus was made public, Dim joined the military to ensure the ones responsible for the deaths of his family were made to pay. Normally quiet and withdrawn, Dim is still a Duros and opens up when telling a story or recounting a battle.

R2-A6 "Traveler"

*   *   *

Lieutenant Pieter Tono - Ruby 9
Human male form Taanab


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Re: Non-Canon Star Wars Thread
« Reply #3 on: January 11, 2017, 07:36:03 PM »
Alright, set up the dossier a bit more. Anyone looking to join, there's still plenty of roles. If you've got any weird shit you want, like Mandalorians, or something like that, let me know and we'll see if we can work something out. Still need some Squadron Leaders and Ship Captains, too, folks.